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Change your email password now if you're on this list of 711 million accounts -

THE email addresses and passwords of 771 million people have been published online during a gigantic data leak. Personal data collected by a “spambot” called Onliner has been dumped on a server thought to be located in the Netherlands. This bot is ...and more »

711 million email addresses ensnared in 'largest' spambot - ZDNet

(Image: file photo). A huge spambot ensnaring 711 million email accounts has been uncovered. A Paris-based security researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands, ...and more »

Spambot leaks more than 700m email addresses in massive data breach - The Guardian

Millions of passwords also contained in breach, a result of spammers collecting information in attempt to break in to users' email accounts. Alex Hern · @alexhern. Wed 30 Aug 2017 05.53 EDT Last modified on Wed 30 Aug 2017 05.58 EDT. Share on ...and more »

Spambot compromises 711 MILLION email addresses - how to check if you've been affected -

A spambot has compromised 711.5 MILLION email address in what is believed to be the biggest data-mining spam operation of all time. The personal data collected by the spambot - known as "Onliner" - appears to have been stored on a server in the ...and more »

Spambot Leaks 700M Email Addresses in Data Breach - Daily Beast

In one of the largest data breaches ever, more than 700 million email addresses and passwords have been leaked publicly by a misconfigured spambot. Experts say the actual number of contact details for real humans will likely be lower due to numerous ...and more »

Hacker gathers 711 million email accounts, spam onslaught expected - Alphr

An open and accessible server in the Netherlands has been raided by an unknown hacker, who has garnered up to 711 million email accounts. The duplicitous endeavour was initially flagged up by ZDNet, who reported that the spambot had collated “email ...and more »

711 million email accounts susceptible to new spambot - The Verge

A new spambot called Onliner has been discovered which can bypass spam filters and target 711 million email addresses, as noted by ZDNet. Onliner is used to send the banking malware Ursnif to vulnerable Windows computers. The trojan then steals ...and more »

Why you need to change your email password - Yahoo7 News

There's been a huge data leak of the email addresses and passwords of 771 million people, prompting an urgent call for people to check if they're one of them. A "spambot" called Onliner designed to spread malware is said to be behind the personal data ...and more »

MILLION email accounts weaponized by Onliner for spam campaigns - Graham Cluley Security News

The Onliner spambot weaponized a whopping 711 million email accounts to distribute spam emails laden with malware. A security researcher who goes by the name “Benkow” came across the credentials when he found an open directory on the web server ...and more »

Onliner Spambot dump exposes 711 Million email and passwords - Hack Read

The year 2017 has already been the year for some massive data breaches such as Zomato and Lynda. At the same time Anti Public Combo List and list with millions of accounts were already leaked online. But now, here's another threat to ...and more »