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Change your email password now if you're on this list of 711 million accounts -

EVEN a data security expert has been caught out by this scam. If you're on this list, change your e-mail password now. Jasper Hamill. The SunAugust 31, 20173:20pm. Video; Image. Play Video. Play. Mute. 0:00. /. 0:00. Loaded: 0%. Progress: 0%. Stream ...and more »

If Your Email Address Is On This List, Change Your Password Right Now - IFLScience

In one of the largest single data sets of emails yet discovered, computer security experts have come across a spam list containing a pretty extraordinary 711 million email addresses. Initially uncovered by the Paris-based security researcher known as ...and more »

Massive spambot captures 711 million email addresses - iTnews

It came to light after a French security researcher known as Benkow pointed the Australian operator of leaked credentials check site, Troy Hunt, to a server called Onliner Spambot. The server, hosted in the Netherlands, contained a ...and more »

711 million email addresses ensnared in 'largest' spambot - ZDNet

(Image: file photo). A huge spambot ensnaring 711 million email accounts has been uncovered. A Paris-based security researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands, which ...and more »

Spambot weaponizes 711M accounts to spread Ursnif malware - SC Magazine

A Paris-based security researcher, by the pseudonym Benkow spotted a massive spambot, dubbed Onliner, weaponizing 711 million email and server accounts to distribute phishing emails laced with malware looking to steal user data. Benkow discovered the ...and more »

Spambot email leak compromises 711M records - TechTarget

An email leak containing 711 million records was found in a breach of a spambot list stored in the Netherlands and included both addresses and passwords used to access email accounts. Sections. The process behind the spambot email list; Experts remind ...and more »

Spambot Compromises Over 700 Million Email Accounts: You Should Probably Change Your Password Right Now - Tech Times

Users around the world should probably change passwords right now, as a spambot was discovered to have compromised over 700 million email accounts. This is probably the biggest spambot dump that the world has ever seen, further pushing the issue of ...and more »

More than 700 million account details are leaked in the biggest spambot dump ever - New Zealand Herald

The spam dump is believed to have originated with a spambot called Onliner in the Netherlands. Photo / 123RF. Daily Mail. By: Tim Collins. Share via email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Show more Bookmark this article. Share on Facebook facebook ...and more »

711m email addresses found on gigantic malware spam list -

The recent discovery of the spamming operation appears to be the largest of its kind on record. According to ZDNet, a security researcher in Paris who goes by the pseudonym, Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands ...and more »

Security Researchers Discover Spammer List of Over 711 Million Email Accounts - Gizmodo

An unknown hacker has gathered up to 711 million email accounts stored on an “open and accessible” server in the Netherlands, ZDNet reported. The server contains passwords to both email addresses and servers which are apparently being used to send ...and more »