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Seizure of Adolf Hitler's birthplace approved by Austrian court - The Independent

Austria's constitutional court has upheld the government's compulsory purchase of the apartment complex where Adolf Hitler was born, amid anxiety about its symbolic appeal to neo-nazis. The government took control of the three-storey house in Braunau ...and more »

Austria's top court upholds compulsory purchase of Hitler's birthplace - The Jerusalem Post

The government had seized the three-floor house in Braunau am Inn, north of Salzburg, to prevent it becoming a site of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis at the beginning of the year. By REUTERS. July 2, 2017 17:29. 1 minute read. > 'Hitler House' triggers new ...and more »

Austria's Top Court Upholds Seizing of Hitler's Birthplace - New York Times

BERLIN — The Austrian Constitutional Court said on Friday that the government had acted legally when it seized the apartment complex in which Hitler was born, the latest and probably the last chapter in the long battle for ownership of the Nazi ...and more »

Hitler house seizure backed by Austria's highest court - The Guardian

Judges uphold government decision to expropriate Nazi leader's birthplace in Braunau to stop it becoming pilgrim site. Agence France-Presse in Vienna. Fri 30 Jun 2017 06.44 EDT Last modified on Fri 30 Jun 2017 08.50 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »

Austria's top court upholds plan to buy Hitler's childhood home - Business Insider

FILE PHOTO: The house in which Adolf Hitler was born is seen in Braun am Inn. Thomson Reuters VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria's top court on Friday upheld a law that allowed the compulsory purchase of the house in which Adolf Hitler was born, saying it was ...and more »

Austria Constitutional Court: okay for government to seize Hitler's birth-home - JURIST

[JURIST] The Austria Constitutional Court [official website, in German] on Friday ruled [opinion, PDF; in German] that the government seizure of the apartment complex where Nazi leader Adolf Hitler [Britannica profile] was born is constitutional. The ...and more »

Austrian court: State seizure of Hitler's home lawful - Deutsche Welle

Austria's constitutional court (the VFGH) ruled against Gerlinde Pommer-Angloher's legal challenge that the government had unlawfully seized the building Adolf Hitler's parents inhabited when he was born. "The expropriation by law of the house of Adolf ...and more »

Hitler's House Seizure Backed by Court Amid Nazi Shrine Fears -

BERLIN — Austria was right to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born amid concerns it could be a draw for neo-Nazis, the country's top court ruled Friday in a major victory for the government. The expropriation of the Nazi leader's house was in ...and more »

'I am ADOLF HITLER' Shock claims Argentinian man, 128, is Nazi leader sparks frenzy - Daily Star

Argentinian media claims that Herman Gunthenberg, who is reportedly 128 years old, claims he fled Germany in 1945 using a fake passport given to him by the Gestapo. The piece says Mr Gunthenberg is revealing his true identity only now after the Israeli ...and more »

Austria seizes Hitler's house - euronews

Austria's Constitutional Court has upheld the law that permits the compulsory purchase of the house in which Adolf Hitler was born. Authorities want to prevent the property in Braunau am Inn, becoming a neo-Nazi shrine and place of pillgramidge ...and more »