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Is skyjacker DB Cooper living in San Diego? - The San Diego Union-Tribune

A four-hour documentary that aired on the History Channel this week suggests the infamous airplane hijacker known worldwide as D.B. Cooper may be living out a quiet retirement in a Banker's Hill condominium. The documentary is the work of Ventura ...and more »

FBI Ends DB Cooper Investigation After 45 Years -

After 45 years, the FBI has closed one of its strangest unsolved cases: The 1971 disappearance of D.B. Cooper, last seen leaping from an airplane with $200,000 in ransom money strapped to his body. In a statement, the FBI said it was ending “one of the ...and more »

The DB Cooper case has baffled the FBI for 45 years. Now it may never be solved. - Washington Post

Out of all America's skyjackings, only one remains unsolved. The case has confounded FBI investigators for decades — its astonishing details, clues and alleged participants have become the stuff of American criminal lore. The story has inspired songs, ...and more »

Where Is DB Cooper? FBI Ends 45-Year Hunt - New York Times

It remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the United States, a startling crime that captured the American imagination, inspiring songs, movies, TV shows and books. In 1971, a man who called himself Dan Cooper hijacked a passenger plane from ...and more »

FBI no longer looking for DB Cooper - The Seattle Times

Forty-five years after a man skyjacked a Seattle-bound plane, parachuted out with $200,000 in cash and disappeared, the FBI is closing one of its most captivating unsolved cases. Share story. Mike Carter. By. Mike Carter. Seattle Times staff reporter ...and more »

FBI closes books on legendary DB Cooper skyjacking - New York Post

The unsolved investigation of the 1971 hijacking of a Seattle-bound airliner and the disappearance of the enigmatic, dapper suspect dubbed D.B. Cooper, is now officially one for the history books, not the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation ...and more »

From the archives: DB Cooper's letter to the Reno Evening Gazette - Reno Gazette Journal

The F.B.I. has discontinued its investigation into the airplane hijacking that saw the man later known as D.B. Cooper jump out of the back of the plane with a parachute and $200,000 dollars in ransom money. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn. Photos: D.B. ...and more »

After 45 Years, the FBI Has Officially Stopped Looking for DB Cooper - Smithsonian

For decades, the FBI has done their best to hunt down the mysterious skyjacker known as “D.B. Cooper.” Though he has been a wanted for years for orchestrating one of the most infamous skyjacking incidents of all time, the perpetrator who is known only ...and more »

DB Cooper: FBI closes the books 45 years after skyjacking mystery - CNN

(CNN) The last time anyone saw D.B. Cooper, he parachuted out of a Mexico City-bound airplane with $200,000 in ransom strapped to his body, vanishing over the Pacific Northwest and initiating one of America's greatest manhunts. Forty-five years later ...and more »

FBI No Longer Actively Investigating DB Cooper Case - TIME

The FBI has called it quits on one of its most infamous criminal investigations, announcing Monday that the agency will “no longer actively” be investigating the D.B. Cooper case. In 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked an airplane full of ...and more »