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Rare pics reveal British Hong Kong's fashionable royals - South China Morning Post

By Laramie Mok. 3 Jul 2017 / UPDATED ON 4 Jul 2017. 0 Share. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Reddit; Share on LinkedIn · Share on Google Plus · Share on Sina. 0Comments. Previous. Lady Margaret Thatcher waved hello to Hong Kong people ...and more »

Made in Hong Kong: Eu Yan Sang's 138-year journey making traditional Chinese medicine has been a bumpy one - South China Morning Post

After an 80km ferry ride south from Penang, then days on a wooden boat up the Perak River and a tedious trek through the jungle, Eu Kong, with his wife and baby, arrived in Gopeng, a remote but prosperous tin mining town in what is now Malaysia. Eu had ...and more »

20 years after handover, has the Hong Kong experiment failed? From Vancouver, it can look that way - South China Morning Post

“The identity of Hong Kong ... everything will disappear” Anthony Chan. “One country, two systems is now gone.” Fenella Sung. “Look at Hong Kong ... it's a shell of what it was.” Geoffrey Ho. “Mr 689 ... He broke the system, the values of Hong Kong ...and more »

Xi Jinping Warns Hong Kong on Separatism as Marchers Call for Greater Autonomy - TIME

Mere hours after visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping warned Hong Kong to reject separatism in a farewell speech here Saturday, defiant marchers demanded greater political freedom from China and even outright independence. Pro-independence banners, as ...and more »

Xi Delivers Tough Speech on Hong Kong, as Protests Mark Handover Anniversary - New York Times

HONG KONG — President Xi Jinping of China delivered a tough speech Saturday at the end of a three-day visit to the semiautonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong, warning against politicizing disputes or challenging the authority of the central government ...and more »

Mainland carrier Liaoning and battle group enters Taiwan Strait - South China Morning Post

A flotilla led by the mainland's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, has entered the Taiwan Strait en route to Hong Kong in a symbolic show of strength amid worsening relations between Beijing and Taipei. Taiwan's military said it immediately ...and more »

Why Hong Kong was glad to see the back of 'white coolies' - South China Morning Post

Late on the morning of Hong Kong's first day under Chinese rule, following an evening of fireworks, pageantry and a torrential downpour, the streets were strangely quiet when I wandered out of my MacDonnnell Road apartment looking for a cab. It was ...and more »

Xi warns Hong Kong not to threaten 'red line' of Chinese rule - Financial Times

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned Hong Kongers not to cross the “red line” of China's sovereignty and called for a renewed campaign of “patriotic education” for young people in a hardline speech that comes amid growing opposition to Beijing's ...and more »

The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover - The Diplomat

July 1 marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from Britain to the People's Republic of China. After two decades under Chinese sovereignty, Hong Kong's political system is showing cracks. Yet a political reform process intended to give ...and more »

Hong Kong or Singapore: Which city is better for expats to live in? - Business Standard (press release) (blog)

In the race to lure talent for global firms' regional headquarters, Hong Kong and Singapore have long been neck-and-neck. While many companies make their managers locate in one or the other city — often depending on whether their duties focus more on ...and more »