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Passenger jet pilot is forced to fly around three TORNADOES during terrifying landing in Russia -

A passenger plane was spotted trying to land as it was surrounded by 12 tornadoes in nail-biting footage. Multiple tornadoes loomed over the Black Sea during a terrifying storm as the pilot tried to avoid the twisters. The cyclones formed on the ...and more »

The most terrifying landing ever? Passenger jet is forced to weave between three water spouts as it approaches the ... - Daily Mail

A passenger jet pilot was forced to fly around three water spouts in a frightening descent in Russia. Witnesses on the ground in Sochi filmed as the plane weaved its way its way through the intimidating tornado-like spouts in preparation to land. The ...and more »

Passenger plane dodges three tornadoes in a row - Newshub

Reports suggest the pilot wasn't properly informed about the twisters ahead. Photo credit: RT. A plane has manoeuvred its way through three tornadoes hovering over the Black Sea, as it came in to land at a Russian airport. Reports suggest the pilot ...and more »

Watch: Incredible Moment Plane Flies Past 3 Tornadoes In Russia - NDTV

The plane that was spotted was reported to have had a safe landing, though the passengers likely experienced some severe turbulence. Offbeat | NDTV Offbeat Desk | Updated: September 01, 2017 11:20 IST. 1.5K Shares. EMAIL. PRINT. COMMENTS. Watch ...and more »

Terrifying footage shows plane dodge twisters as it comes to land - Metro

Terrifying footage shows how a plane had to dodge tornado-like columns in the sky. It happened on Tuesday, when severe weather hit the Black Sea area of Russia. Local reports suggested that there were at least 12 twisters spotted in the area above the ...and more »

'Regular day in Sochi': Witnesses describe chilling plane landing through tornadoes (VIDEOS) - RT

Sochi was transformed into a scene from an Armageddon movie when a dozen tornadoes descended on the Black Sea resort. But instead of a feeling of imminent doom, an eyewitness who filmed 3 waterspouts next to her plane, noted that no one panicked ...and more »

Video: Brave pilot flies between water spouts before landing - Khaleej Times

Video shows how the pilot managed to weave the jet's way through the intimidating tornado-like spouts. A passenger jet pilot made a frightening landing in Russia on Tuesday as he was forced to fly around three water spouts, reports say. A video of the ...and more »

WATCH: Plane dodges three tornadoes coming in to land over Black Sea - Yahoo7 News

A plane was filmed dodging three tornadoes hovering over the Black Sea as it came in to land at a Russian airport. Plane dodges three tornadoes as it comes into land over Black Sea. There were up to 12 twisters or water spouts spotted on the landlocked ...and more »

Plane flies past three tornadoes over the Black Sea - AOL UK

A plane has been filmed passing extremely close to a series of three tornadoes in Russia. An onlooker captured the moment on video as the plane was approaching the city of Sochi, by the Black Sea. See also: Plane nearly crashes at world's scariest ...and more »