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Rate wars: Was the cut really our best hope? -

AFTER today's record low interest rate cut, we could be in trouble. The Reserve Bank is playing a risky game. Jason Murphy@jasemurphy · 2, 20165:29pm. Video; Image. Play Video. Play. Mute. 0:00. /. 0:00. Loaded: 0%. Progress: 0 ...and more »

Interest rates slashed to record low of 1.5pc by Reserve Bank, banks pass on half - ABC Online

The Reserve Bank has cut the official interest rate to a fresh low of just 1.5 per cent, in a desperate effort to stoke price growth. Key points: RBA cuts cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.5 per cent; Some economists say there could be more cuts on the ...and more »

Reserve Bank rate cut: Why did banks respond as one? - The Sydney Morning Herald

Our biggest banks move fast. Either that, or they collude. At 2.37pm on Tuesday, within minutes of the Reserve Bank cutting its cash rate to an all-time low, the Commonwealth Bank announced a completely different way of responding. Instead of passing ...and more »

The RBA will cut, cruelly and pointlessly - The Australian

The Reserve Bank will now be sorely tempted to cut rates again tomorrow, after Friday's shockingly weak GDP in the United States. It will be another cruel blow to retirees and have little effect on the economy, but the RBA is out of ideas. There's ...and more »

Treasurer denies interest rate cut to record low 1.5% is a bad sign for economy - The Guardian

Australia stuttering construction industry will welcome the cut in the cash rate. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP. Interest rates Australia. Treasurer denies interest rate cut to record low 1.5% is a bad sign for economy. Scott Morrison says the budget could ...and more »

Interest rates: why the Reserve Bank of Australia has been cutting away - The Guardian

The RBA's decision to cut the cash rate to a record low is partly aimed at spurring business investment. Photograph: Paul Miller/EPA. Interest rates Australia. Interest rates: why the Reserve Bank of Australia has been cutting away. Despite 3.1 ...and more »

Interest rates: Why the banks are lifting term deposits instead of cutting home loans more - ABC Online

While the Reserve Bank did as expected by cutting interest rates, the big four banks caught most people off guard by actually lifting some key deposit rates. The rise in deposit rates will be funded by the big four failing to pass on the Reserve Bank's ...and more »

Macquarie warns of risks of banks chasing mortgage loans - The Australian

Banks aggressively chasing loans are putting future profitability at risk as margins are crunched by falling official interest rates that are failing to inspire widespread demand from borrowers or inflation, experts say. Ahead of the Reserve Bank's ...and more »

Analyst warns against the 'doomed loop' of cutting interest rates -

THE banks have enraged borrowers by failing to pass on the Reserve Bank's full rate cut, but losing an extra $20 off the mortgage could be the least of our worries. Dana McCauley@Dana_Adele · 4, 20169:30am. WHILE the banks have ...and more »

Reserve Bank interest rates should be zero in recession ravaged WA, over 4pc in booming NSW - ABC Online

Conditions are so depressed in Western Australia after the mining boom that an appropriate central bank interest rate would be zero or below, while booming NSW needs a rate above 4 per cent to rein in the bubble driving home prices sky-high. That is ...and more »