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NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers just dumped its most damaging release yet - Ars Technica

Important Update 4/15/2017 11:45 AM California time None of the exploits reported below are, in fact, zerodays that work against supported Microsoft products. Readers should read this update for further details. What follows is the post as it was ...and more »

Major Leak Suggests NSA Was Deep in Middle East Banking System - WIRED

A woman walks past a branch of Noor Islamic Bank along Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Road in Dubai. Reuters. For eight months, the hacker group known as Shadow Brokers has trickled out an intermittent drip of highly classified NSA data. Now, just when it seemed ...and more »

What you need to know about that latest NSA data dump - Recode

This could make it even harder for Europe and Silicon Valley to trust the U.S. government. By Tess Townsend Apr 16, 2017, 3:12pm EDT. Share Tweet Share. Share. What you need to know about that latest NSA data dump. share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket ...and more »

Hackers have just dumped a treasure trove of NSA data. Here's what it means. - Washington Post

A group of hackers called the Shadow Brokers has just released a new dump of data from the National Security Agency. This is plausibly the most extensive and important release of NSA hacking tools to date. It's likely to prove awkward for the U.S ...and more »

Mysterious Microsoft patch killed 0-days released by NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers - Ars Technica

That's because the critical vulnerabilities for four exploits previously believed to be zero-days were patched in March, exactly one month before a group called Shadow Brokers published Friday's latest installment of weapons-grade attacks. Those ...and more »

ShadowBrokers' Windows Zero-Days Already Patched - Threatpost

Hours after what was thought to be a damaging release of NSA hacking tools for Windows systems, Microsoft quelled some anxiety with a late-night statement on Friday that most of the vulnerabilities disclosed by the ShadowBrokers had already been ...and more »

Leaked NSA point-and-pwn hack tools menace Win2k to Windows 8 - The Register

Updated The Shadow Brokers have leaked more hacking tools stolen from the NSA's Equation Group – this time four-year-old exploits that attempt to hijack venerable Windows systems, from Windows 2000 up to Server 2012 and Windows 7 and 8. The toolkit ...and more »

'Shadow Brokers' dump of NSA tools includes new Windows exploits (updated) - Engadget

Earlier this year "The Shadow Brokers" -- an entity claiming to have stolen hacking tools from the NSA then offering them for sale -- seemed to pack up shop, but the group has continued on. Today, it made a new post that contained a number of working ...and more »

Windows users might want to turn off their computers this weekend, warns security researcher who's only being ... - Business Insider

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Getty Images/Stephen Brashear An infamous hacker group known as the Shadow Brokers on Friday released a bunch of tools that that made it easier for hackers to break into all kinds of Microsoft Windows computers and other ...and more »

Hacking Group Claims NSA Infiltrated Mideast Banking System - New York Times

For the past few months, an elite hacking group calling itself the Shadow Brokers has sporadically leaked sensitive data from the National Security Agency. On Friday, just when its leaks had appeared to slow, the group released what appears to be its ...and more »