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NBN: Internet providers say controversial CVC charge for bandwidth is too expensive - ABC Online

Australian internet providers are in open conflict with the National Broadband Network, urging the wholesaler to drop its controversial charge for bandwidth. At the moment every internet provider has to purchase how much bandwidth they need per month ...and more »

NBN Co boss declares war with internet providers - iTnews

NBN Co has blamed a “price war” between internet service providers as the root cause of consumer discontent over its services. CEO Bill Morrow today responded to a fortnight of sustained pressure on the network builder to reduce or revamp its wholesale ...and more »

NBN's Bill Morrow attacks 'overcompetitive' telco market - The Sydney Morning Herald

NBN Co's chief executive has launched a blistering attack on the telecommunications industry, blaming an "overcompetitive" market and "land grab environment" for the slow speeds experienced by consumers. Bill Morrow also warned that of the 45 internet ...and more »

Vodafone calls for NBN's CVC charge to be halved - Computerworld Australia

Vodafone has called for significant changes to NBN's wholesale pricing model, with the telco's chief strategy officer, Dan Lloyd, arguing that the key variable cost associated with National Broadband Network connections — the Connectivity Virtual ...and more »

Telstra won't cop blame from NBN Co CEO over price war - iTnews

Telstra has expressed surprise after being singled out for criticism by NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow for allegedly being the instigator of a retail price war on NBN services. Morrow used a position paper to today call out Telstra for allegedly cutting its ...and more »

NBN CEO unloads at 'land grab' price war by ISPs - Computerworld Australia

NBN CEO Bill Morrow has cited a “land grab” by retail service providers (RSPs) as a key factor in poor end user experience on the National Broadband Network. In position paper (PDF) released today, the NBN chief argued that the “prices on offer in a ...and more »

Vodafone says too hard to sell NBN 'quality' - iTnews

Vodafone has claimed it is too hard to persuade customers to sign up to NBN services based on differences in service quality. Chief strategy officer Dan Lloyd told a parliamentary committee hearing in Sydney that, short of NBN Co “readjusting” its ...and more »

ACMA to look into NBN customer woes - ZDNet

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will investigate the experience of customers moving to the NBN, with the government ordering the authority to conduct research into the matter. Australian Communications Minister Mitch Fifield ...and more »

NBN CEO hits out at corner-cutting ISPs with a mere 1Mbps allocated per user - ZDNet

NBN CEO Bill Morrow has hit out at allegations the NBN's connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) and use of copper in its Multi-Technology Mix are to blame for Australians seeing unsatisfactory speeds when connected to the network, and instead said it was ...and more »

NBN creates dedicated churn team to resolve customer issues - ZDNet

As the rollout of the NBN has progressed, customers have increasingly taken to social media to vent their frustration at the company charged with deploying the National Broadband Network across Australia. On Monday, Aussie Broadband told ZDNet it was ...and more »