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Nintendo to Re-Release NES Games, No Blowing Necessary - New York Times

Nostalgic gaming fans can stop digging through their attics. Nintendo surprised traditionalists on Thursday with a new way to defeat Dr. Wily, Mother Brain and Bowser. The company announced that a mini-replica of its original NES console, first ...and more »

Gimme! Nintendo Plays on Nostalgia With Tiny Retro 8-Bit NES - WIRED

Remember back in the day when you had a Nintendo Entertainment System hooked up to a tube television, the connection over RF shaky, the excitement palpable? Nintendo's hoping you do, and wants you to recapture the feeling for $59.99. On November 11, it ...and more »

Watch Nintendo's wonderfully retro ad for its NES Classic Mini -

It wasn't the console anyone was expecting Nintendo to reveal. Before detailing the Nintendo NX, the House of Mario announced last week it is heading back to its 1980s roots with a new microconsole packing in some of the finest games to ever grace the ...and more »

Nintendo announces compact NES with 30 classic retro games -

You didn't think Nintendo would be happy with just reviving Pokemon, did you? Following a week in which it reignited interest in one of its classic games franchises with Pokemon Go, the video game company announced Thursday it's releasing a new ...and more »

The Original Nintendo Is Coming Back — Brace For Nostalgia - Huffington Post

Ooh baby, do you know what that's worth? New Nintendo is a thing on Earth. By Jenna Amatulli. Does Pokemon Go make you feel like it's 1997 again? Well, Nintendo is about to make you feel like it's the 1980s. The consumer electronics and software giant ...and more »

Update: Pint-sized Nintendo Classic Edition won't support additional games - Digital Trends

What's old is new again, or at least it comes with an HDMI port. Nintendo has announced the plug-and-play Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, a mini console that comes pre-loaded with several of the best retro games. Launching in ...and more »

Nintendo's NES Returning With Mini Version, Includes These 30 Games - GameSpot

Update: As many suspected, the NES Classic Edition doesn't connect to the internet or use external storage devices, so the games it comes with are all you'll be able to play on it, Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku. Original Story: In a surprise ...and more »

Surprise: Nintendo's next console is the NES [Updated] - Ars Technica

Let this tiny box transport you to a time when you didn't have a job, mortgage, and loud children to distract you. reader comments. Share this story. Update: Nintendo has answered some frequently asked questions as a follow up to yesterday's ...and more »

The Mini-NES Won't Get Games Beyond The Ones That Were Announced - Kotaku

Announced this morning to much fanfare, the classic-playing mini-NES is an exciting prospect for both old and new Nintendo fans. It's a $60 device that plays 30 classic NES games ranging from Final Fantasy to Super Mario Bros. If you don't like that ...and more »

Mini-NES: Five classic Nintendo games we can't wait to re-visit - WOW24/7 (blog)

Stop the press! Gaming giants Nintendo, fresh off the back of the overwhelming success of Pokémon Go, just surprise-announced a new console. Well, sort of… Everything old is new again with the Mini-NES, a smaller, more compact version of Nintendo's ...and more »