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Nintendo Switch review: hybrid game console is very simple, but very smart - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any other game console on the market, allowing you to transition seamlessly between playing at home on your big TV and playing the exact same games on the go, Game Boy style. It also has the potential to be one of the most ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review - Digital Trends

Nintendo wants to win you back. Following the failure of its last home console, the Wii U, the publisher of Mario and Zelda announced very quickly that it was hard at work on a new console. Though the legendary publisher made some amazing games in the ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: A Blast at Home, So-So on the Go - New York Times

There's a new gadget that you can count on to soon zoom to the top of people's wish lists: the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese game company is releasing the Switch, a brand-new $300 video game console, on Friday. For months, the device has been ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: This ambitious gaming console is a Game Boy for grownups - The Australian Financial Review

Nintendo's Switch. If the PlayStation and Xbox are PCs, then the Switch is like a Microsoft Surface (or iPad Pro, if you prefer). Supplied. by Hayley Tsukayama. Nintendo is taking a big risk this Friday with the launch of the $US300 ($392) Switch ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: Unconventional Hype for an Unusual Game Console - New York Times

Every few years, one of the big video game companies comes out with a new box that it wants consumers to make space for in their living rooms. These systems, known as game consoles, invariably promise wondrous new twists that enhance the experience of ...and more »

Review: Nintendo Switch - WIRED

WiredGaming anywhere you want. Joy-Cons are marvelous, versatile controllers. Amazing graphic quality from a relatively small tablet; Not as powerful as a PS4, but Nintendo got out of that game a decade ago. Sleek UI. Region-free game shopping is the ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: An ambitious console that's missing pieces - Yahoo Finance

Update: This piece has been updated to reflect changes to the system due to Nintendo's Day One patch. Releasing worldwide March 3, the Nintendo Switch ($300) is more than just a new video game console: It's a day of reckoning — or a moment of clarity ...and more »

Buyers line up for the Nintendo Switch - Otago Daily Times

Monitor showing Nintendo Switch game consoles is seen at an electronics store in Tokyo. Photo: Reuters. People queued up in massive lines at stores in Tokyo today just so they could get their hands on the new Nintendo Switch. The Switch was released ...and more »

A $400 Zelda machine: Nintendo Switch launch day impressions - New Atlas

After a short, whirlwind courtship, the Nintendo Switch is now in the hands of the public. Overall, our initial impression hasn't changed too much. We still think it's an exciting piece of hardware, oozing with potential that may or may not be reached ...and more »

Here's what at stake for Nintendo when it launches the Switch console Friday - CNBC

Attendees wait in line to play video games on Nintendo Switch game consoles during the new console's unveiling in Tokyo on Jan. 13, 2017. Nintendo has a lot riding on its new game console. With the launch of Nintendo Switch this Friday, the storied ...and more »