When North Korea may strike next - NEWS.com.au

SIX days remain until the next big anniversary on the North Korean calendar and there are fears leader Kim Jong-un will use it to make up for his failed missile launch on Sunday. The country's military, the Korean People's Army, will mark the 85th ...and more »

Mike Pence's warning to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready' - Los Angeles Times

Vice President Mike Pence speaks to U.S. servicemen and Japanese Self-Defense Forces personnel on the flight deck of the U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in Japan on Wednesday. (Associated Press). From the wind-swept deck of a massive aircraft ...and more »

North Korea propaganda video shows US city being destroyed - USA TODAY

North Korea marked the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un's grandfather with a rousing concert in Pyongyang that featured a video simulation of a nuclear missile attack destroying what appears to be an unidentified U.S. city. The video simulation, obtained ...and more »

North Korea video portrays US destroyed in missile barrage - CBS News

North Korea's isolated totalitarian regime marked the birthday of founder Kim Il Song over the weekend with a massive military parade and an attempted missile launch, but the spectacle wouldn't have been complete without a new animated video portraying ...and more »

North Korea tension: China 'seriously concerned' about nuclear threats - BBC News

China says it is seriously concerned about North Korean nuclear development, in the wake of a BBC interview with a top official from the North. North Korea's vice-foreign minister told the BBC Pyongyang would continue to test missiles and would launch ...and more »

Nation by nation, how Trump has shaken up Koreas, neighbors - Washington Post

SEOUL, South Korea — Unpredictable. Unhinged. Dangerous. Many South Koreans are using those words to describe the president of their most important ally, rather than the leader of their archrival to the North. They worry that President Donald Trump's ...and more »

North Korea economy bowed but not broken by sanctions - Financial Times

North Korea is bowed but not broken by international sanctions, according to clues gleaned by a small group of outsiders dedicated to shining a light on the reclusive Asian nation. Sample the FT's top stories for a week. You select the topic, we ...and more »

VP Pence thanks corporate Japan for boosting US growth - Channel NewsAsia

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday (Apr 19) hailed Japanese companies for contributing to US economic prosperity, moving to ease fears over the protectionist agenda of President Donald Trump. Posted 19 Apr 2017 19:33; Updated 19 Apr 2017 19: ...and more »

Mike Pence says he expects to release his tax returns - Daily Mail

Vice President Mike Pence, in a sit-down with CNN's Dana Bash, said he'll likely be releasing his 2016 tax returns. 'Well, during the course of the campaign we released our taxes,' the vice president noted. 'As I told you, it was a short read, we're a ...and more »

Don't mess with N Korea's Kim, he thinks he's his grandfather - South China Morning Post

A North Korean soldier takes a photograph as South Korean soldiers stand guard at the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone in Paju, South Korea. Photo: Bloomberg. Their stares are cold, tenacious and emotionless. They appeared bent to ...and more »