Rodrigo Duterte, Poised to Lead Philippines, Is Expected to Take New Approach to China - New York Times

The Filipino presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is no stranger to controversy. Here are some of his provocative comments. By EDWARD FETNER on Publish Date May 10, 2016. Photo by Bullit Marquez/Associated Press. Watch in Times Video ». embed.and more »

Thompson and Teehankee -- Duterte victory a repudiation of Aquino - Nikkei Asian Review

Electoral campaign materials are displayed in front of a school polling precinct during the national elections in the Philippine's capital Manila May 9.(Photo by Yumi Kotani). Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's apparent victory in the May 9 Philippine ...and more »

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in quotes - BBC News

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known for saying things that many would consider unsayable. But his outspoken style and crime-fighting record have made him popular with many Filipinos. Here are some of his most contentious statements: ...and more »

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The Philippines just elected a president who vows to be a “dictator” in the battle against evil. Here are the five facts you need to know about Rodrigo Duterte, and what his victory means for his country and for others. He's a genuine punisher. People ...and more »

Philippines election: Maverick Rodrigo Duterte wins presidency - BBC News

Maverick anti-crime candidate Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte has won the Philippine presidential elections, following the withdrawal of his opponents. Although the official result has not yet been declared, main rival Mar Roxas admitted defeat after polls ...and more »

Forget Donald Trump, Australia needs to worry about the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte - Sydney Morning Herald

Despite his off-colour style and controversially hardline approach to crime, there's a reason this brash, womanising mayor from Davao is set to become the next Philippine president. Rodrigo Duterte's upset victory in the Philippines presidential ...and more »

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Authors: Julio C. Teehankee, De La Salle University, and Mark R. Thompson, City University of Hong Kong. In the lead up to tomorrow's presidential elections in the Philippines, Davao city mayor Rodrigo Duterte appears to be headed to victory. In the ...and more »

Duterte wins Philippines election - Radio New Zealand

Hardline anti-crime candidate Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte has claimed victory in the Philippines presidential election. Philippines Presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Photo: AFP. The official PPCRV poll monitor said the mayor ...and more »

Philippines' 'Duterte Harry': the would-be president accused of using vigilante squads - The Guardian

Rodrigo Duterte wipes perspiration off his face during campaigning in Malabon, Manila. Photograph: Erik de Castro/Reuters. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email; View more sharing options; Share on LinkedIn · Share on Pinterest · Share ...and more »

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The Philippines' incoming president Rodrigo Duterte might be a one-speed politician, but he's a man of many names. In fact, the only people who call Mr Duterte by his full name are journalists. To T-shirt sellers, he's The Punisher, or Duterte Harry or ...and more »