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Warning of NSW power shortages after soaring temperatures stoke demand - The Sydney Morning Herald

NSW faces potential power shortages during the coming heatwave, prompting the electricity market operator to demand additional supply. The demand, issued on Thursday morning by Australian Energy Markets Operator (AEMO), comes after the agency triggered ...and more »

SA power: What is load shedding and why is it happening? - ABC Online

As South Australians endure a severe heatwave with temperatures soaring into the low to mid 40s, residents have been warned they could face power cuts as the state struggles to meet power supply demands. On Wednesday night, after the mercury tipped 42 ...and more »

Turnbull government sharpens attack on Labor's clean energy - The Sydney Morning Herald

A newly aggressive Malcolm Turnbull has accused Labor of being "drunk on left ideology" as he blamed the rush to renewables for another serious blackout in South Australia, while defending his own emphasis on gas and coal-fired generation. And the ...and more »

Malcolm Turnbull's turnaround on renewable energy, from pro-carbon price to clean coal - ABC Online

What a stunning turnaround. The man who lost the leadership by fighting to introduce a carbon price is now railing against renewable energy. In 2010, Malcolm Turnbull believed that Australia needed to move to a "a situation where all or almost all of ...and more »

SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government - ABC Online

South Australia's Energy Minister is furious with the Australian Energy Market Operator after tens of thousands of South Australian homes were blacked out last night in scorching conditions. As the temperature hovered about 40 degrees Celsius at 6:30pm ...and more »

Why South Australia's blackouts are a problem for us all -

BLACKOUTS could soon become more common in areas other than South Australia, with a warning being issued to NSW residents as well. Charis Chang@CharisChang2 · 10, 20179:12am. A severe storm in South Australia caused a major blackout ...and more »

Is 'clean coal' the answer for Australia? - Courier Mail

COAL made its way into Federal Parliament this week. Not just in words, but an actual giant lump of coal. Like a door-to-door salesman peddling his wares, Treasurer Scott Morrison waved around the chunk of coal during Question Time on Thursday to sell ...and more »

Renewables v coal: Blame game over SA blackouts continues - SBS

The prime minister says Labor's ideological approach to renewable energy is turning off the lights in SA. Updated Updated 9 February 2017. By David Sharaz. The federal and South Australian governments are blaming each other after the state was forced ...and more »

Nationalising electricity system, new power station among options for SA, Government says - ABC Online

As South Australia enters its third day of scorching temperatures, the State Government is continuing to plan for what it has described as a dramatic intervention in the electricity market, but exactly what that intervention is remains a mystery ...and more »

Why did energy regulators deliberately turn out the lights in South Australia? - The Conversation AU

Last Wednesday evening, shortly after 6pm local time, around 90,000 homes and businesses in South Australia were deliberately disconnected from the electricity grid for up to an hour. In what is becoming a familiar pattern, this event provoked ...and more »