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Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Loses His Life Sentence Appeal - WIRED

After more than five years, the saga of the Dread Pirate Roberts has ended, and the founder of the Silk Road has lost his last chance of escaping a lifetime in prison. On Wednesday, a Second Circuit appellate court rejected the appeal of Ross Ulbricht ...and more »

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht loses appeal for new trial - ZDNet

Underground marketplace owner Ross Ulbricht has lost a court appeal to have a new trial and now will likely spend the rest of his days behind bars. screen-shot-2017-06-01-at-13-09- LinkedIn. Ulbricht, also known under the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts, ...and more »

Silk Road founder will get life in prison after losing court appeal - The Verge

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht is set to serve life in prison after he lost his court appeal this week. Ulbricht earned seven convictions — including money laundering and narcotics conspiracy — for operating the drug marketplace in 2015, filing his ...and more »

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has his appeal denied - The INQUIRER

THE GUY WHO MADE IT EASY TO BUY DRUGS ONLINE has had his latest court appeal denied and not faces a life sentence in American prison over seven convictions that range from money laundering to straight up narcotics crimes. It is bad news for ...and more »

Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht denied bid for new trial - The Register

Ross Ulbricht has lost his bid to set aside his life sentence for selling illegal drugs through the now defunct underground website Silk Road. Ulbricht, who operated Silk Road from 2011 through 2013 under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, was ...and more »

Judges wrote a scathing indictment of US drug policy in decision to uphold Silk Road founder's life sentence - Business Insider

An appellate court upheld the life sentence of Ross Ulbricht, while offering a scathing indictment of the US's policy for harshly punishing drug offenses, Wired reported on Wednesday. Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts, founded the dark web ...and more »

Silk Road Founder Loses Appeal and Will Serve Life, but the Darknet Is Rising - Newsweek

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the darknet marketplace known as Silk Road, has lost his appeal of a 2015 conviction that has him serving a life sentence on drug trafficking and money laundering charges, according to a federal appeals court decision ...and more »

Appeals court upholds Ross Ulbricht's life sentence for creating Silk Road - Ars Technica

A US federal appeals court has upheld (PDF) a life sentence for Ross Ulbricht. He was convicted in 2015 of being the Dread Pirate Roberts who ran the Silk Road website, the largest Internet black market at that time. The three-judge panel unanimously ...and more »

Silk Road founder loses appeal and will serve life in prison - Engadget

The Silk Road network's creator Ross Ulbricht vowed to fight his lifetime prison sentence when it was handed down two years ago. But today, the US Second Circuit officially denied his appeal, sending him away for a long, long time. Under the pseudonym ...and more »

Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht loses appeal against life sentence -

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road who was better known by the internet moniker Dread Pirate Roberts, has had his prison sentence upheld by a US court. In 2015, Ulbricht was handed five sentences, including two for life, for his creation of ...and more »