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Syrian children turn bomb crater into a swimming pool - Washington Post

Photos emerged Wednesday of Syrian children in a neighborhood in Aleppo splashing in a makeshift pool amid the rubble of their home. A note from the Aleppo Media Center, an activist collective that operates in rebel-held parts of the war-torn city ...and more »

Syrian boys swim in crater as battle for Aleppo rages - BBC News

Syrian activists have published photos showing boys swimming in a water-filled crater in the divided city of Aleppo. The pro-opposition Aleppo Media Centre said the crater was in the Sheikh Saeed area and was the result of an attack by President Bashar ...and more »

Assad Regime to Besieged Aleppo: Surrender or Starve - The Nation.

Istanbul— Aleppo is under siege again. Once again, some 300,000 civilians in the rebel-held eastern part of the city must eke out their survival with no fresh produce and a dwindling food supply, in addition to the other perils of life for those in ...and more »

Syria's message to tourists: Come back, enjoy our beaches - Washington Post

For anyone stuck in an office in the dog days of summer, it's a beautiful sight. As the camera drifts over a bright blue sea, we see hundreds of people relaxing and playing. Some rest on a sandy beach while others speed through the water on jet skis ...and more »

Syrian boys swim in water-filled crater in battleground of Aleppo - ABC Online

Syrian boys swimming in a water-filled crater in Aleppo have been captured in photos released by activists. The crater was in the Sheikh Saeed area and was the result of an attack by Syrian Government forces, according to the Aleppo Media Centre (AMC).and more »

Boys will be boys – even in a warzone! Child takes a running dive into a water-filled crater in a rare moment of ... - Daily Mail

A group of young Syrian boys have shown there can be positives to missiles landing in your war-torn neighbourhood. In the middle of the country's bloody war, the enterprising youngsters made use of a missile crater in the rebel-held neighborhood of ...and more »

Amazing photos emerge of young lads swimming in flooded bomb craters in Syria - The Sun

AMAZING photos have emerged from war-torn Syria showing boys swimming in water-filled bomb craters in the devastated and divided city of Aleppo. The pro-opposition Aleppo Media Centre claims the huge craters are the result of an attack by President ...and more »

'Life isn't over': Aleppo children play in bomb-crater 'pool' - Middle East Eye

Children were shown playing in a water pool in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo on Wednesday. Photos published by the Aleppo Media Centre showed several children playing in a crater, caused by an air strike, that had filled with water from a burst pipe.and more »

Syrian Tourism Ministry offers relaxing vacation in country ravaged by war - Ynetnews

Despite leading a massacre of his own people, over the last five years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made it a point to present a “business as usual” front while the Syrian civil war continues on. And so, while close to half a million people ...and more »

Children in Syria pictured using a bomb crater as a swimming pool - Metro

Worrying images have emerged showing children in Syria playing in what appears to be a bomb crater filled with water. Alan Kurdi death: One year on, has anything really changed? The pictures were shared by Aleppo AMC, an anti-government media group ...and more »