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Trump Halted Obama's Equal Pay Rule. What it Means for Working Women -

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has stopped an Obama-era rule requiring large companies to report how much they pay workers by race and gender. The rule was intended to help close the persistent wage gap between men and women, as well ...and more »

Ivanka Trump's disappearing act on equal pay - Washington Post

Ivanka Trump is a self-professed advocate of closing the wage gap that exists for women and minorities. On the stage of the Republican National Convention last summer, she pledged to fight for equal pay, and promised that her father, candidate Donald ...and more »

Ivanka Trump Equal Pay: Women Need to Stop Believing in Her ... - Fortune

Ivanka Trump supported her father Donald in revoking an Obama-era equal pay rule, proving she doesn't care about women's rights.and more »

Ivanka Trump supports ending an Obama-era equal pay initiative - Business Insider

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Ivanka Trump, assistant to and daughter of US President Donald Trump, supports ending an Obama-era equal pay initiative. The Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann reported earlier this week that the White House will stop an intiative ...and more »

President Trump Just Made It Harder for Working Women to Get Equal Pay—And Ivanka's Cool With That -

Dearest women who voted for Donald Trump, hear this loud and clear: He doesn't support you back. At the very least, he's not too worried about changing the fact that you get paid an estimated 79 cents on the dollar (and even less for black and Hispanic ...and more »

Ivanka Trump's doublespeak on equal pay is selling out women - CNN

Kara Alaimo, an assistant professor of public relations at Hofstra University, is the author of "Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication." She was spokeswoman for international affairs ...and more »

Ivanka Trump Just Showed She Really Doesn't Care About the Gender Pay Gap - GQ Magazine

Ivanka Trump, who managed to parlay her status as a clothing designer and television personality's child into an honest-to-God job advising the President of the United States, has had a tough time adjusting to her life of public service. (Merely living ...and more »

Body language expert reveals how much Ivanka Trump REALLY supports her father Donald Trump -

US President Donald Trump, 71, and his daughter Ivanka, 35, are regularly photographed at events together as she now has an official role as unpaid government. Ivanka is vocal about the support she has for her father's policies on social media, and ...and more »

Ivanka Backs White House Plan To Pause Obama-Era Equal Pay Reporting - Forbes

The White House announced this week that it won't move forward with an Obama Administration rule requiring businesses to collect and report employee pay data by sex, race and ethnicity. The Wall Street Journal reports that Neomi Rao, the administrator ...and more »

Ivanka Trump's Hurricane Harvey Response Is Being Criticized - Elite Daily

The White House is raising eyebrows once again -- this time, for Ivanka Trump's response, or lack thereof, to Hurricane Harvey. In the past week, she has tweeted twice about Hurricane Harvey -- and three times about tax reform. Both of Trump's ...and more »