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Waleed Aly Calls For 'National Conversation' About Uluru Statement - Huffington Post Australia

Waleed Aly has suggested there should be "a national conversation" about the Uluru statement from Aboriginal leaders, which calls for constitutionally-enshrined Indigenous bodies advising Australian parliaments, in light of comments made by Deputy ...and more »

Barnaby Joyce Predicts Uluru Statement 'Just Won't Fly' - Huffington Post Australia

CANBERRA -- Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has rejected the ambition in the Uluru statement from Aboriginal leaders for constitutionally-enshrined Indigenous bodies advising Australian parliaments, saying the idea of an Indigenous chamber is a ...and more »

Indigenous leaders call for representative body and treaties process after Uluru convention - ABC Online

Indigenous leaders from across the country have outright rejected the idea of mere recognition in the constitution, instead calling for a representative body to be enshrined in the nation's founding document and a process established working towards ...and more »

Symbolic constitutional recognition off the table after Uluru talks, Indigenous leaders say - ABC Online

The result is one few on the sidelines saw coming — mere symbolic constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians has been rejected once and for all by a delegation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from 13 regions. The Referendum Council ...and more »

Constitutional recognition summit: Leaders call for establishment of 'own national Indigenous voice' - ABC Online

A new representative body for Indigenous people is expected to be a key demand to emerge from a national gathering at Uluru. Hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been discussing constitutional change this week and will deliver ...and more »

Bringing Them Home: 20 years after report, Indigenous children worse off than before - ABC Online

Indigenous young people are being failed by Australia's child protection systems, a leading organisation has warned, amid fears "another stolen generation" is underway. Today marks two decades since the landmark Bringing Them Home report was tabled in ...and more »

'We were never Australians back then': From being counted to being heard - ABC Online

"We were outcasts; we were never Australians back then." My father was remembering a time when Indigenous people felt locked out of Australia. His was a hard life of exclusion and discrimination. I have revisited that time in a special program for ABC ...and more »

The three biggest myths of the 1967 referendum - ABC Online

In 1967, 90.77 per cent of Australians voted yes for a change that they believed would improve the lives of Indigenous peoples. But as with any historic moment, there are myths and mysteries about the referendum — and about what people hoped it would ...and more »

Twitter Launches Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Flag Emojis - Gizmodo Australia

Go to your emoji keyboard on your phone. You'll find a clown, a snowman, a taco and a turtle - but you won't find an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flag among the 253 others available for use. This is despite constant campaigning to unicode (who ...and more »

Listening to the heart: what now for Indigenous recognition after the Uluru summit? - The Conversation AU

Delegates at the First Nations Constitutional Convention at Uluru have issued a powerful “statement from the heart”. They called for the establishment of a “First Nations Voice” enshrined in the Australian Constitution, and a commission to progress ...and more »