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The constitutional recognition debate is nothing like 1967 - ABC Online

When it comes to the 1967 referendum finally counting Aboriginal people in the national census, there is one thing that strikes me about the process. It was the most successful referendum outcome since Federation — because it came from the grassroots, ...and more »

Waleed Aly Calls For 'National Conversation' About Uluru Statement - Huffington Post Australia

Waleed Aly has suggested there should be "a national conversation" about the Uluru statement from Aboriginal leaders, which calls for constitutionally-enshrined Indigenous bodies advising Australian parliaments, in light of comments made by Deputy ...and more »

Indigenous leaders call for representative body and treaties process after Uluru convention - ABC Online

Indigenous leaders from across the country have outright rejected the idea of mere recognition in the constitution, instead calling for a representative body to be enshrined in the nation's founding document and a process established working towards ...and more »

Barnaby Joyce Predicts Uluru Statement 'Just Won't Fly' - Huffington Post Australia

CANBERRA -- Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has rejected the ambition in the Uluru statement from Aboriginal leaders for constitutionally-enshrined Indigenous bodies advising Australian parliaments, saying the idea of an Indigenous chamber is a ...and more »

Symbolic constitutional recognition off the table after Uluru talks, Indigenous leaders say - ABC Online

The result is one few on the sidelines saw coming — mere symbolic constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians has been rejected once and for all by a delegation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from 13 regions. The Referendum Council ...and more »

Uluru Statement practical on indigenous recognition - The Australian

My first two years of life, I was like a refugee child in detention, stateless and unpossessed of citizenship. The supreme law of the home where I was born provided that our people should not be counted in the national census, and that the commonwealth ...and more »

Constitutional recognition summit: Leaders call for establishment of 'own national Indigenous voice' - ABC Online

A new representative body for Indigenous people is expected to be a key demand to emerge from a national gathering at Uluru. Hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been discussing constitutional change this week and will deliver ...and more »

Barnaby Joyce says Indigenous chamber in Parliament 'just won't fly' with Australians - ABC Online

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's comments about a new Indigenous chamber of parliament show he misunderstands the proposal, an Indigenous policy adviser says. Earlier today, Mr Joyce said any proposal for an Indigenous chamber of parliament ...and more »

The three biggest myths of the 1967 referendum - ABC Online

In 1967, 90.77 per cent of Australians voted yes for a change that they believed would improve the lives of Indigenous peoples. But as with any historic moment, there are myths and mysteries about the referendum — and about what people hoped it would ...and more »

Bringing Them Home: 20 years after report, Indigenous children worse off than before - ABC Online

Indigenous young people are being failed by Australia's child protection systems, a leading organisation has warned, amid fears "another stolen generation" is underway. Today marks two decades since the landmark Bringing Them Home report was tabled in ...and more »