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Trump is facing a new test with Russia that is 'right out of the Putin playbook' - Business Insider

Moscow retaliated against new US sanctions over the weekend by demanding that 755 diplomatic workers, many of them American, be cut from the US Embassy in Moscow and from US diplomatic missions in St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Vladivostok.and more »

Putin hits back at sanctions bill by gutting US missions - CNN

Moscow (CNN) President Vladimir Putin has hit back at new American sanctions by ordering the US to cut staff at its diplomatic mission by 755, in Moscow's most aggressive move against Washington since the final years of the Cold War. Putin confirmed ...and more »

We're on the road to a new Cold War - Washington Post

THE UNITED STATES and Russia have descended to a new low point in relations, with waves of sanctions and escalating retaliation. Twenty-five years after the Cold War ended, relations are back in a deep freeze. What happened? The current tension did ...and more »

Russia's Putin orders 755 US diplomatic staff to be cut - BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that 755 staff must leave US diplomatic missions, in retaliation for new US sanctions against Moscow. The decision to cut staff was made on Friday, but Mr Putin has now confirmed the number who must go by ...and more »

Trump - Putin relations: What's the next move? - Deutsche Welle

The announcement that Russia would expel a large number of American diplomats and staff in the country as well as limit access to several properties being used by the US came last Friday after Congress had passed a new and expanded sanctions bill and ...and more »

Russia Reacts to Trump's 'Mad Bull' America With Shows of Force and Songs of Defiance - Daily Beast

MOSCOW—While U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is touring the Baltics and the Caucasus reasserting in no uncertain terms America's commitment to defend against “the specter of aggression from your unpredictable neighbor to the east,” in fact Russia's ...and more »

Dangerous escalation: On Russia's expulsion US staff - The Hindu

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to cut the U.S. diplomatic presence in the country by 755 signals a serious escalation in tensions between the two superpowers. His move came three days after the U.S. Senate passed a sanctions Bill targeting ...and more »

Russia urges US to abandon sanctions diktat to normalize relations - Chinadaily USA

MOSCOW - It is important for Washington to show political will and discard attempts of sanctions diktat for the sake of improving relations between Russia and the United States, the Kremlin said Monday. "The way out of this situation is through ...and more »

Putin's Foreign Policy Non-Options in Response to US Sanctions - The Jamestown Foundation

It has gradually dawned on the Russian leadership that the legislation approved by the US Congress amounts not just to some more tightening of sanctions, but to the downgrading of Russia's status on the international arena to that of a “pariah state ...and more »

US begins evacuating diplomatic premises in Moscow after Kremlin retaliates for sanctions - ABC Online

The United States has begun removing furniture and equipment from a diplomatic property in Moscow in the first sign of compliance with a Kremlin order to slash its presence in Russia as retaliation for new US sanctions. President Vladimir Putin has ...and more »