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iOS 10 has been bricking a small number of devices -

Apple's iOS 10 is officially out and everyone is able to enjoy what iOS 10 has to offer. The downside is that the iOS 10 update has been bricking some users' devices. Both iPhones and iPads have been reportedly bricked and won't turn on after ...and more »

iOS 10 problems: Here's how to fix the most common issues - TechRadar

Update: iOS 10 problems persist in Apple's new iOS 10.3 update, but many can be fixed. Here's what may be crashing your iPhone. New problems always seem to emerge whenever a new update hits, so we're here to tell you how to fix iOS 10.3 issues. If you ...and more »

T-Mobile warns some iPhone users against installing iOS 10 - Business Insider

Update: T-Mobile on late Thursday tweeted that a patch to resolve the potential connection problems has been issued early. You can go to Settings > General > About on your iOS 10 device to download the update. If your "Carrier" setting lists "T-Mobile ...and more »

AccuWeather Launches App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 10 Update, Providing Best-in-Class Weather ... -

Award-winning app expands AccUcast crowdsourcing, adds a dark theme, introduces new push notification features, and more for iOS users worldwide. AccuWeather Global Weather Center – September 13, 2016 – AccuWeather, the global leader in weather ...and more »

iOS 10 is a pleasant surprise for the iPhone 5 and 5C - Ars Technica

But we have some reason to be optimistic about iOS 10 on the iPhone 5. The phone is more than twice as fast as the 4S and has double the RAM. Its screen is the same size and resolution as the one in the just-launched iPhone SE, so you know that Apple ...and more »

iOS 10: All the new features, tips and guides - CNET

iOS 10 is here. Even though it looks just like iOS 9, a lot -- and we mean a lot -- of features are radically different. Messages is a lot more like Facebook Messenger, the lock screen packs a lot more info, and you can finally delete Apple's default ...and more »

14 awesome iOS 10 tips and hidden features you weren't aware of - BGR

iOS 10 has been out for a few days now and already appears to be a significant success. Just 24 hours in, an estimated 15% of Apple's enormous user base had already upgraded. 48 hours after iOS 10's release, an impressive 20% of iOS users worldwide had ...and more »

25 tips and tricks to get the most out of iOS 10 - BGR

iOS 10 was released just a short while ago and it is undoubtedly an update you'll want to get your hands on as soon as possible. While early iOS releases sometimes need some time to get all the kinks out, the endless number of iOS 10 betas Apple ...and more »

iOS 10 tips and tricks: These 10 hidden features will make your iPhone even more useful -

Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 10, is now available to download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As the tenth instalment of the firm's most crucial bit of software, powering the world's most popular smartphones, tablets and music ...and more »

How to use iOS 10's new emoji features -

Approving new emoji is a controversial business for the Unicode Consortium, but making them bigger isn't anywhere near as much of a problem. Apple's latest iPhone and iPad operating system is boosting the emoji's status. The characters for those ...and more »