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Are Any Fad Diets Actually Healthy? What the Research Shows - Live Science

With so many diet fads around these days, how do you know which ones are actually good for you? In a new review of studies covering about 40 years, researchers attempted to dispel the hype surrounding some popular diet trends and to outline what ...and more »

'Avoid fads and stick to diet guidelines,' say US heart experts - NHS Choices

"Avoid celebrity fad diets and just eat your greens to stay healthy," the Daily Mirror reports. A review carried out by US cardiologists found little evidence fads like juicing and coconut oil prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases ...and more »

Want A Long Life With A Healthy Heart? Here's What To Eat (And What Not To) - Forbes

Tara Haelle , Contributor I offer straight talk on science, medicine, health and vaccines. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. By now, most people are aware that one of the biggest factors contributing to—or harming—your heart's ...and more »

Some Health Fads May Not Be All That Healthy - WebMD

MONDAY, Feb. 27, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Juicing may be a popular health fad, but evidence suggests it could actually be detrimental to a good diet. The same goes for coconut oil, which is loaded with saturated fat but has emerged as another dietary ...and more »

Avoid celebrity fad diets and just eat your greens to stay healthy, say experts -

Fad diets are a waste of time – if you want to keep your heart healthy, eat your greens, say scientists. A report says lean red meat, low-fat dairy and vegetable oils are not harmful, but trendy celeb diets such as gluten free, antioxidant pills and ...and more »

How food fads and diet trends fare for heart health - ABC News

Every year Americans adopt new diet trends, from the juicing craze to gluten-free diets, and each new fad promises health benefits such as weight loss and higher energy. But, as specific diets become more popular, doctors wanted to assess whether they ...and more »

A Cardiologist Explains Which Health Food Fads Are Actually Good for You - Fortune

Fat was the enemy — until it was usurped by sugar. Now nuts and whole-milk dairy products are making a comeback, while artificial sweeteners and sugar-laced low-fat snacks and drinks are suddenly viewed with suspicion. If you're experiencing whiplash ...and more »

Juicing, coconut oil & gluten-free 'fads' are detrimental to a good diet, cardiologist claims - Evening Standard

There have been a lot – a lot – of fad diets fading in and out of popularity over the last few years. Thanks to the dubiously named "clean eating" trend, we've seen gluten and wheat pushed to the wayside, a rise in juices and dietary supplements and ...and more »

The new heart rules: Cut down on eggs, forget antioxidant pills, and for God's sake STOP juicing: US surgeons ... - Daily Mail

When it comes to a heart-healthy diet, experts have recommended everything from antioxidant pills to juicing to gluten-free diets. But according to new guidelines issued by US surgeons, many of these claims are not only unsubstantiated, but incredibly ...and more »

Juicing, gluten free and bright berries: Dietary fad or healthy diet? - International Business Times UK

While a diet rich in fruit and veggies appears to be good for the heart many dietary fads should be avoided. Léa Surugue. By Léa Surugue. Updated February 28, 2017 08:13 GMT. Juicing, gluten-free, protein and spiralising are all part of the clean ...and more »