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Robot bees vs real bees – why tiny drones can't compete with the real thing - The Conversation UK

The latest service to be revolutionised by drones might not be package delivery or internet connections but the far more valuable service of pollination. Researchers in Japan have been exploring the potential of using miniature drones covered with ...and more »

Japan Has Created Black Mirror-Inspired Bee Drones - Futurism

In the final episode of Netflix's Black Mirror, the government claims to be using Autonomous Drone Insects to counteract the collapse of the bee population. Spoiler alert: they're lying. It's soon discovered that these bee drones are actually being ...and more »

Could this pollinating drone replace butterflies and bees? - Science Magazine

Pollinators around the world are in trouble: A recent report puts 40% of the smallest ones—like butterflies and bees—at risk of extinction. Could miniature drones fill the gap? To find out, researchers ordered a small drone online and souped it up ...and more »

Robotic bee could help pollinate crops as real bees decline - New Scientist

By Alice Klein. A drone that can pollinate flowers may one day work side by side with bees to improve crop yields. About three-quarters of global crop species, from apples to almonds, rely on pollination by bees and other insects. But pesticides, land ...and more »

Japanese scientists create gel to allow tiny drones to mimic bees, collect pollen - ABC Online

Japanese scientists are investigating whether tiny drones can deliver pollen to flowers, mimicking the role of bees, as the insect faces increasing threats from viruses and pesticides around the world. The drones are capable of flying between lily ...and more »

Watch This $100 Drone Try to Do a Bumblebee's Job - MIT Technology Review

Could there be anything gloomier to think about than a mechanical bee? Recommended for You. Fukushima's nuclear signature found in California wine · Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter will now let you transfer data between their services.and more »

This tiny drone can pollinate flowers like a bee - Engadget

As a species, bumblebees aren't doing well, so sadly, we may have to consider a future with fewer of the endangered insects. Humanity would be in trouble without these active pollinators, so Japanese scientists have created drones that mimic them by ...and more »

Robo-Bees Could Aid Insects with Pollination Duties - Scientific American

Mini drones sporting horsehair coated in a sticky gel could one day take the pressure off declining bee populations. By Edd Gent, LiveScience on February 11, 2017. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Reddit. Stumble Upon. Share via. Print.and more »

Japan has just invented Robo-bees that can legitimately pollinate the earth - Techly

In an example of life imitating art, scientists have come up with a technology straight out of an episode of Black Mirror: Bee-like pollinating drones. A team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan ...and more »

Sticky gels turn insect-sized drones into artificial pollinators - EurekAlert (press release)

As bees slip onto the endangered species list in the United States, researchers in Japan are pollinating lilies with insect-sized drones. The undersides of these artificial pollinators are coated with horse hairs and an ionic gel just sticky enough to ...and more »