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Fountain of Youth? Young Blood Infusions “Rejuvenate” Old Mice - Scientific American

An injection of “new blood” is a phrase long used as a metaphor for the revitalizing effect of fresh minds on a stagnant organization. But research now suggests it also applies in a literal sense. In a development that calls to mind both vampire lore ...and more »

Umbilical Cord Plasma Could Help Preserve Memory in Aging Populations - Seeker

A protein found in high levels in umbilical cord plasma may hold a secret to improving memory and mental activity among aging populations, according to new research. A team of neuroscientists at Stanford University found that injecting old mice with ...and more »

Study shows protein in human umbilical cord blood rejuvenates old mice's impaired learning, memory - Stanford Report

Tony Wyss-Coray and his team identified a protein in human umbilical cord blood that revitalized memory and learning ability in older mice. Norbert von der Groeben. Human umbilical cord blood can rejuvenate learning and memory in older mice, according ...and more »

Young human blood makes old mice smarter -

A protein found in young human blood plasma can improve brain function in old mice. The finding, published on 19 April in Nature, is the first time a human protein has been shown to have this effect. It's also the latest evidence that infusions of ...and more »

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Helps Aging Mice Remember, Study Finds - NPR

Decades ago, scientists surgically attached pairs of rats to each other and noticed that old rats tended to live longer if they shared a bloodstream with young rats. It was the beginning of a peculiar and ambitious scientific endeavor to understand how ...and more »

Study: Blood From Human Babies May Improve Memory in Old Mice - Newsweek

Blood from human infants appears to improve learning and memory in older mice, a new study shows. The research is the latest in a new field of inquiry, where scientists are looking to see if blood from the very young can rejuvenate the old. In the ...and more »

A protein from human umbilical cords revitalizes memory — at least in mice - Washington Post

(iStock). You leave your car in a vast, crowded parking lot, and when you return, you have no idea where it is. The ensuing search is frustrating, time-consuming and a little embarrassing. That experience occurs more frequently as we get older, because ...and more »

Protein in umbilical cord blood may restore the aging brain - Medical News Today

The research, published in Nature, has the potential to lead to new treatments for age-associated declines in mental ability. Aging drives changes in neuronal and cognitive function, which affect signals between the brain and other areas of the body ...and more »

Could young blood revive memory in the aging brain? - CBS News

A new study hints that young blood may harbor clues to a “fountain of youth” for older brains. Researchers say blood from human umbilical cords appears to have helped reverse memory loss in aging mice. The findings suggest that something in young blood ...and more »

Umbilical cord blood from babies could help bring back memory for dementia patients -

Dementia patients have been offered hope that their memory could be repaired after scientists showed that injecting blood from the umbilical cords of human babies restores brain function. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in the US ...and more »