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Why Amazon's Alexa is the future of computing - Vox

Amazon doesn't have a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, but Alexa is everywhere at the Las Vegas event this week. Dozens of companies have announced plans to work with the virtual assistant that powers the Echo, Amazon's smart speaker. LG is ...and more »

Amazon's Alexa started ordering people dollhouses after hearing its name on TV - The Verge

Children ordering (accidentally or otherwise) items from gadgets is nothing new. Major retailers have refunded purchases made by children playing with phones or computers, and with voice-activated devices making their way into homes, it's a problem ...and more »

Alexa Just Conquered CES. The World Is Next - WIRED

You can't walk the sprawling floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center without tripping over a speaker, an appliance, or even a robot or two that supports Alexa. Amazon's voice assistant is clearly the darling of CES 2017. This may well be the year you ...and more »

Amazon Is Already Winning the Next Big Arms Race in Tech - TIME

Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have all vied for control over the phones we carry in our pockets, the computers at our desks, and even the watches on our wrists. But over the past year a new arms race has emerged in Silicon Valley ...and more »

Amazon Alexa virtual assistant shines at tech show - Phys.Org

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa is emerging as one of the big winners at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, cropping up in TVs, cars, fridges—you name it—in what may signal a breakthrough moment for the smart technology. Alexa's voice-activated ...and more »

At CES 2017, Amazon revs Alexa everywhere strategy - ZDNet

Amazon's Alexa is the brain of its Echo and digital assistant efforts, and the company is rapidly beginning to distribute the technology into other products. CES 2017. The best mobile tech, PCs and laptops on display · Panasonic unveils 'human-like ...and more »

Amazon's Alexa heard her name and tried to order up a ton of dollhouses - Quartz

Streaming songs, ordering pizza, and booking cabs are no-brainers for Alexa, the voice-activated assistant installed on Amazon Echo devices. But Alexa also unfortunately appears to enjoy engaging in a little unintentional retail therapy. Recently, a ...and more »

Amazon's Alexa stole the show at CES in a bid to become the Internet of Things operating system - CNBC

Amid internet-connected hairbrushes and jeans at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, there was one big - but barely visible -winner: Amazon. Alexa – Amazon's artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant rival to Apple's Siri and ...and more »

Good Alexa, Bad Alexa: Amazon's Talking OS Is Everywhere - Wall Street Journal

Alexa may be just two years old, but she's already leaving the nest. Amazon's talking, helping, sometimes wisecracking virtual assistant became a hit in 2016, built into the company's line of Echo countertop speakers. At the big CES electronics trade ...and more »

Everything is a virtual assistant now - Computerworld

Amazon's Alexa won CES this week. Amazon's virtual assistant, which first appeared more than two years ago on Amazon's Echo smart speaker, seemed to be popping up everywhere at the annual International CES trade show in Las Vegas this week. Amazon ...and more »