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Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert - Reuters

ATACAMA DESERT, Chile (Reuters) - Construction began in Chile on Friday on the European Extremely Large Telescope, which when completed will be the world's largest optical telescope, some five times larger than the top observing instruments in use ...and more »

Construction Begins on the Next Super Telescope - Universe Today

The construction of the world's largest telescope has begun. At a ceremony at the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Paranal Observatory in Chile, officials gathered to celebrate the first stone of the European Extremely Large Telescope's (E-ELT) ...and more »

World's Largest Optical, Infrared Telescope Is Now Being Constructed - Science World Report

The world's largest optical and infrared telescope called Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is now being built in Chile. It aims to explore unknown objects in the universe to augment the development of science and technology. The enormous telescope is ...and more »

ESO signs contracts for the ELT's gigantic primary mirror - Phys.Org

The unique optical system of ESO's Extremely Large Telescope consists of five mirrors, each of which represents its own significant engineering challenge. The 39-metre-diameter primary mirror, which will be made up of 798 individual hexagonal segments ...and more »

Is the Extremely Large Telescope big enough to find alien life? - Mic

You can't just use a run-of-the-mill telescope to find aliens. Even the sophisticated ones that lead to the discovery of new planets and moons are ineffective at gathering evidence of extraterrestrial life. That's why the European Southern Observatory ...and more »

Construction begins on the world's first 'super telescope' that could help astronomers find alien life - Daily Mail

Construction has begun on a 'super telescope' that could help astronomers find alien life. The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), being built in Chile, is designed to help astronomers peer back to the first galaxies 14 billion years ago. When ...and more »

World's largest telescope sets sights on 2024 unveiling - Deutsche Welle

Construction has started in Chile on the world's largest optical telescope. From 2024, the European Extremely Large Telescope has the potential to transform our understanding of the universe. The ground-breaking ceremony for the 39-meter diameter main ...and more »

First stone laid on the European Extremely Large Telescope - New Atlas

Construction has finally begun on the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), with the first stone laid in a ceremony last week. Being built by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on the 3,046 m (9,993 ft) high summit of Cerro Armazones in ...and more »

Construction begins on the world's first super telescope - Phys.Org

Scientists are a step closer to understanding the inner-workings of the universe following the laying of the first stone, and construction starting on the world's largest optical and infrared telescope. With a main mirror 39 metres in diameter, the ...and more »

Construction Has Begun On A Telescope That's 5 Times Bigger Than The World's Largest - Futurism

A new era in space exploration is upon us. Elon Musk's SpaceX has expanded the possibility for what we can do in space, and the latest development in astronomy is going to expand what we can learn about space. Construction began late last week on what ...and more »