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Destiny 2 Director Asks Fans For Feedback For First DLC Pack - GameSpot

Although Destiny 2 has only been out for a few weeks (and it's not even available on PC yet), fans and the developer alike are already turning their attention to DLC. Now, players have a chance to voice their suggestions for new content. Today, game ...and more »

Destiny 2's Prestige Raid For Leviathan Unlocks Next Week [Update] - GameSpot

For most players, Destiny 2's Leviathan raid is already challenging. But if you're seeking an even more difficult version of it, you're in for a treat. Bungie has announced that the harder version of the raid, Prestige mode, launches for all PS4 and ...and more »

Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut With These Gear And Armor Rewards - GameSpot

Destiny 2 has already seen the release of several Trials events that spice up the Crucible PvP scene, and soon we'll have the game's first Iron Banner event. Iron Banner is now live; just as Bungie announced, the limited-time event made its Destiny 2 ...and more »

'Destiny 2' will bring back the Iron Banner multiplayer challenge on October 10 - Digital Trends

On October 10, Bungie will introduce the Iron Banner competitive multiplayer event to Destiny 2, giving Guardians a chance to earn special rewards in exchange for the corpses of their fellow players. But the event has been modified quite a bit from the ...and more »

Destiny 2's first Iron Banner event and Prestige raid difficulty announced (update) - Polygon

Update (Oct. 9): Because of an “exploit,” Bungie has delayed the launch of the Prestige raid until Oct. 18 at 10 a.m. PT. “An exploit has been discovered in the Leviathan Raid that causes the encounters to be stripped of their intended challenge ...and more »

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris - everything we know about its first DLC - PCGamesN

Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris, is now live on PC. That means for anyone who owns the expansion pass, a variety of new weapons, armours, Crucible maps, story missions, and a Raid Lair are now available to play. Want to know more? Here's ...and more »

Destiny 2: Bungie to Detail 'Seasons' Soon - Game Rant

Without a doubt, plenty of Guardians in Destiny 2 are likely preparing for the science fiction shooter's forthcoming Prestige Leviathan Raid by getting their characters up to the appropriate power level as quickly as can be and running through the ...and more »

Here's What 'Destiny 2' Needs To Add In Its 'Curse Of Osiris' Expansion - Forbes

Paul Tassi , Contributor News and opinion about video games, technology and the internet Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Bungie/Activision. Destiny 2. Yesterday, Bungie Game Director Christopher Barret took to Twitter to ask a ...and more »

There's An Easy Cheese In Destiny 2's Calus Fight, And It Feels Like Cheating - Forbes

Dave Thier , Contributor I write about video games and technology. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Credit: Bungie. Callus in Destiny 2. There are two challenges in any Destiny Raid. The first is the race to beat the boss: to ...and more »

Destiny 2's first Iron Banner on PC goes live today - here's what you need to know - PCGamesN

Iron Banner is Destiny's monthly PvP event. Consoles have already had one, but it returns today, and it'll be on PC. Here's everything you need to know about how the event works. For a breakdown of Destiny 2's other competitive modes, check out our ...and more »