Robotic hand covered in 'electric skin' harvests energy from the sun and is more sensitive to touch than a human - Daily Mail

A robotic hand covered in 'electric skin' that can harvest the sun's energy and feel touch better than a human has been developed by scientists. The electric skin is made from graphene - an ultra-thin form of carbon that is only an atom thick, but ...and more »

Solar-powered skin for prosthetic limbs - BBC News

A synthetic skin for prosthetics limbs that can generate its own energy from solar power has been developed by engineers from Glasgow University. Researchers had already created an 'electronic skin' for prosthetic hands made with new super-material ...and more »

Solar-powered synthetic skin could give robots a sense of touch and allow amputees to feel again -

Scientists have developed a new type of robotic skin that can harvest energy from the sun and is more sensitive to touch than a human hand. The synthetic skin is made from "wonder material" graphene, which despite being just a single atom thick, is ...and more »

'Electric Skin' Can Feel, Thanks to Graphene - U.S. News & World Report

Touch-sensitive electronic skin could be used in robots to enhance performance and help the machines detect potential dangers. | March 22, 2017, at 8:04 p.m.. MORE. LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Google +; Cancel. 'Electric Skin' Can Feel, Thanks to Graphene.and more »

Engineers use graphene to power 'electronic skin' that can feel (Video) - Canada News

Researchers from the University of Glasgow, take a big step up the ladder towards the development of prosthetic limbs and robots with a sense of touch. They have found a way to power an experimental kind of electronic skin using solar energy ...and more »

Amputees to soon have better sense of feeling with energy-saving prosthetic limbs - Hindustan Times

Solar-powered skin may soon be a reality with researchers working towards using it on amputees for more efficient facilitation. health and fitness Updated: Mar 23, 2017 11:37 IST. Reuters, London. Prosthetic Limbs ...and more »

Solar-powered 'skin' could make fake limbs more real - CNET

Ravinder Dahiya of the University of Glasgow holds his team's hand covered in solar-powered electronic skin. University of Glasgow. Many people try to stay out of the sun. But if a new type of solar-powered electronic skin makes its way onto ...and more »

This New Robot Skin Is More Sensitive Than A Human Hand - Forbes

It's a softer, gentler kind of skin. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed an electronic, self-powered robotic mitt that's more sensitive to touch than a human hand. Professor Ravinder Dahiya, an electrical engineer at the University ...and more »

This solar powered robot skin has higher sensitivity than human hand - CrazyEngineers

One of the biggest challenge in robotic industry is to develop sensing abilities in robots which are comparable to that of humans. Immense research is already going on round the world in development of synthetic sense receptors. Recently, researchers ...and more »

This Solar-Powered Electronic Skin Is More Sensitive Than Human Skin - I4U News

Prof. Ravinder Dahiya of the University of Glasgow's School of Engineering shows the prosthetic hand covered by highly sensitive solar-powered graphene skin that is developed by his team at Glasgow University, Scotland, Britain. Credit: Bendable ...and more »