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Shooting star explodes over China, produces incredible fireball show [VIDEO] - Korea Times

A small meteor exploded over China's southwestern region of Yunnan Province on Wednesday evening, lighting up the dark sky with what observes called "incredible fireballs." The meteor is believed to have landed somewhere in the region. There are no ...and more »

Watch: Huge Celestial Fireball Appears in Night Sky as Superboldie Meteorite Explodes Over China - Newsweek

10_06_China_Festival Residents light candles and play with glow sticks under at a park during a festival in Hong Kong, China October 4, 2017. In parts of China, the festival was interrupted by a vast celestial fireball. Bobby Yip/Reuters. Share. Tech ...and more »

Exploding shooting star creates huge fireball 'equivalent to 540 tonnes of TNT' as it bursts over city -

A massive shooting star described by NASA as a fireball with the equivalent of '540 tonnes of TNT' exploded over a city. The stunning astronomical phenomenon known as a "superbolide" is an exploding meteor brighter than the moon. Many eyewitnesses ...and more »

Meteor shower lights up Yunnan sky during Mid-Autumn Festival - EJ Insight

Some people in Yunnan province were stunned by the rare sight of three meteors exploding in the night sky over Shangri-la county as they were watching the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The phenomenon occurred at about 8 p.m. on Oct. 4, with ...and more »

Watch a flaming meteor streak across the night sky in China - BGR

Citizens in southwestern China who were out and about on Wednesday evening were treated to a spectacular celestial light show thanks to a massive meteor that lit up the sky. Many in the region were celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and attempting to ...and more »

Moon Festival Meteors: Fireballs Explode Across China's Night Sky (VIDEOS) - Sputnik International

On Wednesday night, observers in China were admiring the full moon in celebration of their traditional Mid-Autumn Festival when they suddenly saw three meteors explode in the dark sky before their very eyes. The giant fireballs appeared in the sky over ...and more »

Fireball meteor observed in SW China - ecns

A brilliant fireball meteor was observed in southwest China's Yunnan Province on Wednesday evening. (Photo/VCG). A brilliant fireball meteor was observed in southwest China's Yunnan Province on Wednesday evening, with no casualties or property losses ...and more »

Fiery asteroid lights up Chinese skies -

An asteroid was spotted exploding over southwest China and Nasa says it was as powerful as 540 tonnes of TNT. An asteroid has shot over the skies of China. It came down near Shangri-la county in Yunnan. Nasa later said the fireball was the equivalent ...and more »

Meteor explosion: Fireball as bright as full moon stuns Chinese skywatchers [VIDEO] - International Business Times, India Edition

The meteor, which was bright as the full moon, travelled with a velocity of 14.6 kilometres per second late on Wednesday in China. By : Ankita Mehta. October 6, 2017 12:02 IST. Meteor in China. Meteor as bright as full moon streaked across the sky in ...and more »

Great ball of fire! Stunning VIDEOS capture huge meteor in night sky over China - RT

A fireball has soared over Shangri-La City in China's Yunnan province, dazzling locals who were watching the skies for a full moon but instead were treated to a “shooting star.” Witnesses reported that a loud bang and mild shaking followed the flash ...and more »