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Facebook has 60 people working on how to read your mind - The Guardian

Social network says it's assembled a team to build technology that allows you to 'think' commands at your smartphone. But what if you think that's scary? Olivia Solon in San Francisco. @oliviasolon · Email. Wed 19 Apr 2017 18.05 EDT Last modified on ...and more »

Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces for typing and skin-hearing - TechCrunch

Today at F8, Facebook revealed it has a team of 60 engineers working on building a brain-computer interface that will let you type with just your mind without invasive implants. The team plans to use optical imaging to scan your brain a hundred times ...and more »

Facebook details its plans for a brain-computer interface - Engadget

Facebook wants you to use your brain to interact with your computer. Specifically, instead of using something primitive like a screen or a controller, the company is looking into ways that you and I can interact with our PCs or phones just by using our ...and more »

Facebook Announces "Typing-by-Brain" Project - IEEE Spectrum

First it was Elon Musk, now Facebook. Suddenly, all the big Silicon Valley players want to get into brain tech. Yesterday Facebook announced that it's working on a “typing by brain” project. At its developer conference, Facebook executive Regina Dugan ...and more »

Facebook Literally Wants to Read Your Thoughts - Gizmodo

At Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, on Wednesday, the group unveiled what may be Facebook's most ambitious—and creepiest—proposal yet. Facebook wants to build its own “brain-to-computer interface” that would allow us to send thoughts ...and more »

Facebook's Sci-Fi Plan for Typing with Your Mind and Hearing with Your Skin - MIT Technology Review

A year ago, Facebook started up a special skunkworks team called Building 8 to focus on creating futuristic gadgets, saying the secretive projects would push forward the company's goal of connecting the world. On Wednesday at the annual F8 developer ...and more »

Facebook wants people to type from their brain and hear with their skin - PCWorld

Facebook revealed Wednesday that it is working on technology to let people type straight from their brains at 100 words per minute. A team of over 60 scientists, engineers and others at its secretive Building 8 research lab are working in the area ...and more »

'Not a random idea factory': Why Facebook says its brain sensors are closer than you think - Business Insider

And Facebook's recently announced efforts to create this technology could easily be dismissed by cynics as a public relations stunt by a large company looking to prove its innovation bona fides. But the 60 scientists and engineers working at Facebook's ...and more »

Facebook's moonshots: Making brains type and skin hear - CNET

Facebook created a test to see if you could "hear" language through your skin. Facebook. It looks like just another beige office park building next to a dental office in Menlo Park, California. Yet Building 8, across the street from Facebook's main ...and more »

Facebook wants to help you communicate directly from your brain via non-invasive sensors - ZDNet

0:00. Autoplay: onoff. share; fullscreen. Facebook shared plans to develop a non-invasive brain-speech interface that would create a system--via sensors--to enable people to communicate without speech. In a nutshell, you think and communicate silently ...and more »