Nintendo's '1-2 Switch' has 28 ridiculous minigames - Engadget

Weird Nintendo is the best Nintendo. We now know there are a total 28 minigames in Nintendo's upcoming party game 1-2 Switch, according to the official Japanese website. One eagle-eyed Reddit user also spotted unlisted trailers for the bite-sized ...and more »

Nintendo promises more smartphone games – two or three every year – after Pokemon Go's success - South China Morning Post

Nintendo is to deliver more content for smartphones, following last year's success of Pokemon Go, a smartphone augmented-reality game that boosted sales of other Pokemon games as well as the 3DS handheld consoles, according to the company's ...and more »

Peter Nowak: Nintendo Switch console less than inspiring - The National

I have a friend who will never let me forget a piece of bad advice I once gave him. It was 2001 and he wanted to know whether he should buy the new Nintendo GameCube, Sony's PlayStation 2 or Microsoft's debut video game console, the Xbox. I told him to ...and more »

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Farming Simulator will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year -

We spoke to Farming Simulator's team at a recent gaming event, receiving a little bit of insight on the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the series. Share; Comments. ByRyan Brown. 13:00, 8 FEB 2017; Updated 10:14, 2 MAR 2017. Technology. Farming ...and more »

Nintendo Switch looks like fun, until it becomes a sobbing human baby - The Verge

The Nintendo Switch launch game 1-2-Switch will support a lot of head-scratching, “I didn't know I wanted this until now” mini-games. One Reddit user discovered a treasure trove of mini-game videos uploaded to Nintendo's Japanese YouTube Channel that ...and more »

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EA Confirms Switch Is Getting FIFA 18 - IGN India

EA has confirmed that the "custom built" FIFA game coming to Nintendo Switch will be FIFA 18. Previously only officially referred to as "EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch", EA chief competition officer Peter Moore confirmed that the game will be the ...and more »

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In a recent interview with Time, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke about the company's mobile strategy, the Nintendo Switch, and what this next generation of console from the Japanese gaming giant will do differently this time around. Nintendo ...and more »

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