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Activision On What Destiny 1 Failed To Do - GameSpot

The 2014 original Destiny was a well-received and very popular game. However, there are some areas that could have been better. Now, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has spoken up to say Destiny 1 didn't release new content fast enough, and ...and more »

Activision offers some insight on how Destiny failed expectations - Destructoid

While the first Destiny may be a solid enough game, it had a lot of stumbling points in its three year history. At launch, the campaign of the original was fairly lackluster and forgettable. It was the slow release of additional content, however, that ...and more »

Destiny 2 Beta Release Date, Start Times for PC, PS4, Xbox One pre-orders - Daily Star

BUNGIE'S Destiny 2 Beta is less than a month away. Keep reading to discover the release dates and start times for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players who pre-ordered the game. 0. By James Wright / Published 1st July 2017. Destiny 2 Beta Release Date, Start ...and more »

'Destiny 2' no longer forces you to chase perfect gear drops - Mashable

The original game's loot grind delivered lottery-like thrills at a regular pace. You'd tackle some in-game challenge and then nervously peer at the gear drops and the randomized "perks" attached to it that helped set two versions of the same item apart ...and more »

Destiny 2's long-term support will be 'more robust' says Activision CEO - International Business Times UK

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed that he wasn't happy with the way Bungie's hit shooter Destiny was supported with expansions and other content following its release in 2014, and promises changes with upcoming sequel Destiny 2. Speaking to ...and more »

Virgin Media customers get to play Destiny 2 first, here's how -

Virgin Media has teamed with Activision to give its customers first dibs on getting hands-on time with Destiny 2. The much-anticipated online FPS, which Pocket-lint played extensively at the launch event in May, will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on ...and more »

Bungie Allows Destiny 2 Clan Migration Later This Month - Twinfinite

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is allowing clans on its service to become full Destiny 2 clans before the game launches this fall. The process to migrate begins July 25, and clan leaders have one month to act on the transition. “Clan Founders ...and more »

Destiny 2's weapons and armor won't have random rolls - PC Gamer

In what appears to be a concession to PvP balance, Luke Smith says gear and armor will have the same perks every time. Comments. Shares. Earlier this week I wrote a feature outlining the nagging worries I have about Destiny 2's design, a game I am ...and more »

Destiny 2 Clan details revealed by Bungie - GameTransfers

The developer Bungie continues to provide details on the Destiny 2 clan system, which will incorporate new features with respect to the first part to offer a more social gaming system. As detailed from the official website of the action game that ...and more »

Destiny 2 Director Talks New Raid Release Date - Game Rant

One of the great mysteries of Destiny 2 is what secrets the game's endgame activity, the raid, will hold. Outside of one short clip from the raid, absolutely nothing is known about the activity that has become a fan-favorite and defining aspect of the ...and more »