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Virgin Media to reward gamers on its high speed fibre early access to Destiny 2 - The Drum

Online gaming and fast broadband goes hand-in-hand, a trend that Virgin Media is utilising by partnering with games publisher Activision and developer Bungie. Virgin Media is joining forces with Activision and Bungie to run a Beta test of upcoming ...and more »

Activision On What Destiny 1 Failed To Do - GameSpot

The 2014 original Destiny was a well-received and very popular game. However, there are some areas that could have been better. Now, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has spoken up to say Destiny 1 didn't release new content fast enough, and ...and more »

Destiny 2 Latest News: Housekeeping Period To Migrate Clans To The New Game Goes Live - iTech Post

Bungie is hoping that the fan base of Destiny 2 will help in getting the game to number one. The latest news indicates that the game developer has been undertaking a sort of "housekeeping period" where the leaders will be able to migrate their clans to ...and more »

Destiny 2: Bungie To Remove 'Random Rolls On Weapons' - iTech Post

Destiny 2 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated titles of recent memory. Although developer Bungie has been generous in sharing details, they did it by not giving away too much. Now, the studio has revealed another interesting detail involving ...and more »

There won't be any random weapon or armour perks in Destiny 2 - PCGamesN

Those of you who played Destiny will know about the random mess of perk-filled guns that dominated endgame loot grinding. Rather than going for one rare weapon, you'd often be trying to get the same weapon over and over again to get the best perks.and more »

Activision offers some insight on how Destiny failed expectations - Destructoid

While the first Destiny may be a solid enough game, it had a lot of stumbling points in its three year history. At launch, the campaign of the original was fairly lackluster and forgettable. It was the slow release of additional content, however, that ...and more »

The 'Destiny 2' loot grind is no longer a slot machine - Mashable

You can't hit the jackpot anymore in Destiny 2. The original game's loot grind delivered lottery-like thrills at a regular pace. You'd tackle some in-game challenge and then nervously peer at the gear drops and the randomized "perks" attached to it ...and more »

Destiny 2's Revamped Clan System Detailed - GameSpot

When Bungie announced Destiny 2 back in May, it teased some major improvements coming to Clans. In the first Destiny, Groups provided little more to their members than an identification icon in-game; but in Destiny 2, Clans will be an important service ...and more »

Destiny 2 beta news: Bungie talk surprises and Clans release as more PS4 options revealed -

For anyone waiting for the Destiny 2 beta release, we have at least finally reached the launch month. While Bungie themselves have said they will be adding new information on code redemption and installation instructions soon, other secrets are being ...and more »

Destiny 2's long-term support will be 'more robust' says Activision CEO - International Business Times UK

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed that he wasn't happy with the way Bungie's hit shooter Destiny was supported with expansions and other content following its release in 2014, and promises changes with upcoming sequel Destiny 2. Speaking to ...and more »