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Google announces sweet little GoPro competitor with AI - International Business Times, Singapore Edition

While the tech world was anticipating a couple of new Pixel handsets and some really smart speakers, Google has surprised the attendees of its hardware-centric event by unveiling a digital camera. The new launch, called the Google Clips, sits between ...and more »

Google Announces Clips, A Creepy Artificial Intelligence Camera - Tech Times

One of the more peculiar things Google announced at its Pixel 2 event was Clips, an artificial intelligence-powered camera that essentially takes pictures when it sees something interesting. What does that mean exactly? Well, it might help to know that ...and more »

Google's Clips camera is powered by a tailor-made AI chip - The Verge

Google's Clips camera may be a little creepy, but it also seems pretty useful for the right user; deploying machine learning to automatically snap the best pictures of your kids and pets. But the key to that functionality isn't just Google's AI prowess ...and more »

Google's Clips camera offers a snapshot of things to come - Computerworld

Google held a big hardware event this week, announcing a couple of new Pixel-branded smartphones, two Google Home devices, a new Pixelbook laptop, new earbuds called Pixel Buds, and a consumer camera called Google Clips. Of all the new Google products ...and more »

Is Google Clips the creepiest home technology yet? - New Statesman

What if cameras, but always on? This is the apparent thought process behind one of Google's new offerings, Clips, which was announced at a product launch in San Francisco last night. In short, Google Clips is a constantly-watching camera that uses ...and more »

GoPro: The Old Fears Return - Barron's

Shares of the action-camera company are down more than 6% Wednesday, following Google's introduction of Clips, a wearable “smart camera” that sells for $249. More from Barron's Next. GoPro: Is This the Reset Investors Were Waiting For? For GoPro, at ...and more »

Google thought of everything with its new Clips lifelogging cam. Except 'Why?' - Digital Trends

In September 2016, lifelogging camera maker Narrative shuttered production citing “financial troubles.” Although it was far from the only option on the market, it proved to be the preverbal nail in the coffin for lifelogging cameras, which have since ...and more »

Google's new Clips camera is invasive, creepy, and perfect for a parent like me - The Verge

At least a half-dozen times every week, I reach into my pocket and pull out my smartphone in an attempt to take a photo or video of something my kids are doing. As a dad, I'm eager to capture those magic, fleeting moments when my two boys are playing ...and more »

Cool or creepy? Google Clips smart camera learns to spot and film your family and friends - ZDNet

Along with new phones, a laptop, a mini smart speaker, a VR headset, and translating earphones, Google has also launched Clips, a different take on life-logging cameras. Priced at $249, Clips comes with a clip so it can be worn, but it isn't ...and more »

Cool or creepy? Google AI camera “decides when to take photos” - Netimperative

Google has launched Clips, will be the first standalone camera from the internet giant that takes on the likes of Go Pro. But is its AI camera that chooses when to snap pictures liberating… or creepy? Google Clips main feature is its abiliity to use ...and more »