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Solar-eclipse fever means counterfeit glasses are flooding Amazon's market - Quartz

One reason a total solar eclipse is so compelling is that it's the one time humans can turn their soft, sensitive eyes to the sky and gaze directly upon the celestial body that gives life to us and everything else on Earth. But that's only for two ...and more »

Total Solar Eclipse Could Prove the Sun Is Bigger Than We Think - Seeker

Making a precise measurement of the sun is difficult, but the August 21 eclipse will offer scientists an opportunity to refine their calculations. By Sarah Lewin, Published On 07/28/2017. 11:10 AM EDT. Share on Facebook · Tweet this article ...and more »

How to take in the eclipse: Tips from UW Space Place - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Students watch a solar eclipse through solar glasses, which allow safe viewing of the sun. American Paper Optics. On Monday, Aug. 21, for the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States from coast to coast ...and more »

Travel the path of the solar eclipse - Washington Post

Follow the shadow of the moon as it completely blocks out the sun on Aug. 21, moving along a 3,000-mile path from Oregon's Pacific coast to the eastern shore of South Carolina. By Laris Karklis, Tim Meko, Armand Emamdjomeh, Denise Lu and Bonnie ...and more »

The Great American Eclipse - Washington Blade

It's a known scientific fact that I love science. Marie Curie is a goddess to me. It is miraculous that I have any curiosity at all. I was raised floridly Catholic. If you had a question, God was the answer. Q: Why is the sky blue? A: God. So you can ...and more »

Got eclipse glasses? Here's how to get 'em - GeekWire

Eclipse glasses GeekWire's Cara Kuhlman, Clare McGrane and Chelsey Ballarte give their eclipse glasses a test drive. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser). All of the continental United States and Canada will witness a solar eclipse on Aug. 21, but you'll ...and more »

How to Make Sure Your Eclipse Glasses Are Safe - Mental Floss

You're probably already preparing for the August 21 solar eclipse, right? It's going to be spectacular, especially for those in the path of totality, which stretches across the U.S. from South Carolina to Oregon. No matter where you live, though, if ...and more »

The August solar eclipse: There's an app for that - KTVQ Billings News

Solar Eclipse by Redshift provides well-rendered sky views of the eclipse as seen from any location. Drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to watch the moon move across the sun at user-defined intervals. (Solar Eclipse by Redshift screenshot ...and more »

Solar eclipse science along the path of totality - Science Daily

Date: July 27, 2017; Source: National Science Foundation; Summary: A number of research projects will take place across the country during the upcoming Aug. 21 solar eclipse. The research will advance our knowledge of the sun's complex and mysterious ...and more »

NASA scientists will chase solar eclipse in jets -

For armchair astronomers and nearly everyone else watching the skies during the total solar eclipse Aug. 21, it will all be over in 2½ minutes. But a team of NASA-funded scientists chasing the moon's shadow in retrofitted WB-57F jet planes will ...and more »