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Nintendo Switch Launch Games Include Two New 'Mario' Titles, 'Skyrim'; In The Pipeline Are 'Super Smash Bros.', 'The ... - Tech Times

Freelance video game writer and insider Laura Kate Dale, who has been on point on Nintendo Switch rumors and details, has released a lineup of games that will be available to the upcoming console upon its launch. A quick look at the launch games for ...and more »

Here's why you should pick up a Nintendo 3DS this Black Friday - Business Insider

Kiyoshi Ota Next March, Nintendo is expected to release the Switch, a new kind of video game console that can be plugged into a TV for big-screen gaming, or pocketed for portable action. But while you wait for Nintendo to reveal more details on the ...and more »

The Best Video Game Gamepad Controllers - TechSpot

There have been many different ways of playing video games on a console (and sometimes PC) over the years. Some have been better than others. How do you figure that out? For starters, I think you need to distance them from the console they were part of ...and more »

Nintendo Switch To Get Pokémon Game In 2017 Titled 'Stars' According To Latest Rumor - Tech Times

The Pokémon games are some of the best and most fun titles for Nintendo systems. They are probably the most consistent, which is why many folks have gotten excited when rumors broke that a Pokémon game could launch in 2017 after the release of the ...and more »

Ten Years Later: USgamer Debates Whether the Nintendo Wii Was a Success or a Failure - USgamer

Crazy as it is to say, the Wii is now officially 10 years old. Its arrival on November 19, 2006 created a sensation while launching a thousand Wii Remotes into unsuspecting television screens. Nowadays, it isn't so highly regarded. But does it deserve ...and more »

Farewell, Wii U: A Final Look at Its Interesting Life - Nintendo Enthusiast (blog)

It's officially been four years since Nintendo launched its 8th-generation home system, the Wii U. After the surprising worldwide success of the Wii, the Big N seemed confident introducing its new system as the successor to the mega console. The Wii U ...and more »

Talking Point: What We'd Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Life

With all the hype that the Nintendo Switch is generating, it's only natural to speculate on what titles the system will offer upon its launch. If Nintendo's upcoming console could learn anything from the launch of the Wii U, it's that launch titles do ...and more »

Bait and Switch: Nintendo's new console is everything wrong with gaming hype - Digital Trends

Gamers love to see the potential in things, and Nintendo's new “hybrid” console, the Switch, has plenty of it. A single system that handles both at-home and on-the-go gaming is a dream machine. Plus, with more traditional controls and fewer unnecessary ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Update: Mario And Rabbids Crossover RPG In The Works? [Rumors] - Parent Herald

The mystery of the Nintendo Switch has yet to be solved, but updates from different developers supporting the upcoming console are frequent. With the confirmation that the "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is not going to be Nintendo Switch's ...and more »

Nintendo Switch — Low Price Does Not Mean Underpowered - Nintendo Enthusiast (blog)

The Nintendo Switch was revealed last month after 18 months of being a (not so well kept) secret. The mystery surrounding the system led to mass hysteria over various rumors and leaks. Now that we finally know exactly what the console is, we can ...and more »