Massive emoji update slated for June includes zombies, dinosaurs, vampires, and more - Android Central

The Unicode consortium has released a draft of the Emoji 5.0 update, which includes 69 new emoji that will be released in June 2017. The new additions include a T-Rex, fairies, mages, zombies, vampires, genies, mermaids, a breastfeeding woman, curling ...and more »

Here's a look at some of the cool new emojis coming in the June update - Android Authority (blog)

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization responsible for the development of the Unicode standard, has outlined the new emoji set to appear in the Emoji 5.0 update coming in June. The update will include 47 never-before-seen emojis ...and more »

The Wales emoji has been revealed (plus all the others we are getting in June) - WalesOnline

The wait for a Welsh emoji flag is over as it has been revealed it will be available later this year. It is part of a number of emjois that will be available from June, including a breastfeeding woman and a head of broccoli. The full list. The Unicode ...and more »

The 69 New Emoji Candidates, Ranked - Gizmodo Australia

Guys, we're getting deliciously close to a big emoji upgrade. Appropriately named Emoji 5.0, the new batch of silly symbols includes several very specific items as well as some long sought-after essentials. Do you have a favourite? We do. Image ...and more »

These new emoji may be coming to your smartphone this summer - KCRA Sacramento

The software and data standards nonprofit group will release its selections in June, but for now, Emojipedia has created some fun mockups of what the tiny, text-friendly pictures may look like. Unicode has the final say in which emoji are chosen, but ...and more »

From vampires to mermaids, here are the emojis coming to your iPhone -

The world has been in love with the vampires ever since Twilight movies hit the theatres back in 2008. The love affair was taken forward by The Vampire Diaries that hit the screens in 2010. Since then we have been swooned by their devilishly handsome ...and more »

69 New Emojis Are Coming—And They're Actually Getting A Bit Ridiculous Now - Elle Magazine Australia

A set of 69 little characters, which include everything from a pair of socks to a breastfeeding woman and a piece of steak, are currently being evaluated by Unicode—the association responsible for choosing all new emojis. The ones that get the tick of ...and more »

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Yes, we all know that emojis are part of our every day lives now. We can barely send a message to anyone without including at least one! So every time there's an emoji update, naturally we get just a little bit excited.and more »

From mermaids and breast feeding mothers to a 'man fairy': The 69 new emoji coming to your phone this year - Daily Mail

From mythical to edible and emotional, the new emojis are said to have a little bit of everything – and then some. Emojipedia has published 69 mockups of what the proposed tiny pictographs could look like when they hit users' keyboards this summer ...and more »

The Latest Emoji Update Will Include Mermaids, Vampires and a Breastfeeding Woman - HYPEBAE

After having avocado, bacon and face palm as its latest additions, the emoji keyboard is expanding once again with a new update. Come June, Unicode will be releasing 69 brand new characters, ranging from mythical figures to food. In particular, the new ...and more »