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Strange Radio Bursts Seen Coming From a Galaxy Far, Far Away - National Geographic

Every day, thousands of enigmatic objects in space produce bursts of radio waves that flash for just a few milliseconds yet are capable of generating as much energy as 500 million suns. Astronomers didn't even know these fast radio bursts existed until ...and more »

Mysterious cosmic radio blasts traced to surprising source -

Astronomers have pinpointed the location of an enigmatic celestial object that spits out brief, but powerful, blasts of radio waves. Surprisingly, the source of these intermittent signals lies not in a bright galaxy but in a small, dim one, some 2.5 ...and more »

The Mystery of Astronomy's 'Fast Radio Bursts' Only Gets More Beautiful From Here - WIRED

Billions of years ago, an unknown object sent a seriously bright burst of radio waves into space. They traveled across the universe, past galaxies and clouds of gas and who knows what else. And in 2012, the burst arrived at the Arecibo radio telescope ...and more »

Weird radio bursts are from 3 billion light-years away - Futurity: Research News

Researchers have uncovered the source of mysterious cosmic radio waves known as “fast radio bursts.” The bursts were first seen about 10 years ago, and scientists suspected they were coming from within the Milky Way galaxy, or from cosmic neighbors.and more »

Homing in on source of mysterious cosmic radio bursts - McGill Newsroom

Astronomers have pinpointed for the first time the home galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst, moving scientists a step closer to detecting what causes these powerful but fleeting pulses of radio waves. FRBs, which last just a few thousandths of a second, have ...and more »

Fast Radio Bursts Now a Bit Less Mysterious - Discover Magazine (blog)

For as long as astronomers have known about Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), they've been stumped. About a decade ago, researchers discovered in archived 2001 data an extremely fast — just a few milliseconds — burst of radio emissions. They'd never seen ...and more »

Mysterious radio burst came from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away, astronomers discover - Washington Post

For the first time, scientists have nailed down a source of fast radio bursts, one of astronomy's most enigmatic phenomena. A dim dwarf galaxy 2.5 billion light years from Earth is sending out the mysterious millisecond-long blasts of radio waves ...and more »

Astronomers pinpoint location of fast radio burst from faint galaxy -

Astronomers have located the source of a fast radio burst — a rare and distant release of cosmic radio waves that lasts mere milliseconds — in a galaxy more than three billion light-years from Earth. Fast radio bursts were first discovered in 2007 ...and more »

Astronomers trace radio bursts to galaxy billions of light years away - ABC Online

Astronomers have identified the location of mysterious radio bursts found emitted from deep space, and say the signal is coming from a dwarf galaxy billions of light years away. Key points: FRBs are explosions in space that emit huge amounts of energy ...and more »

Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy, and perhaps magnetar - Phys.Org

One of the rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves that have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected nearly 10 years ago has finally been tied to a source: an older dwarf galaxy more than 3 billion light years from Earth. Fast radio ...and more »