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Paris' next solution for reducing air pollution? Stickers - CNET

Paris has restricted car use in its city limits in the past, in the hopes of curbing its air pollution problem. Now, it's trying a new approach: stickers. Cars will be given stickers of various colors, based on a vehicle's age. The "Crit'Air" system ...and more »

Paris Hopes Color-Coded Window Stickers Will Help Clean Up Heavy Air Pollution - Hybrid Cars News

Paris has added a vehicle color-coded sticker program to its campaign to clean up the city's polluted air and improve the health of local residents. The government's “Crit'Air” system bans all diesel-powered cars registered between January 1997 and ...and more »

Paris bans cars registered before year 2000 in bid to combat city pollution - The Independent

The French capital has banned vehicles registered before the year 2000 in a bid to combat pollution in the city. A law introduced in Paris on Monday requires all cars to have a sticker indicating which of six categories it fits into — indicating the ...and more »

Paris cuts public transport costs as smog looks set to stick around - The Local France

The smog seems here to stay in the French capital, with police extending traffic restrictions and discounted public transport on Tuesday. If you've noticed that it's rather smoggy in Paris then you'd better get used to it. Airparif, which monitors ...and more »

British drivers face huge fines in France - and it's all because of a simple sticker -

UK motorists driving to France face fines of up to £117 if they fail to display a new vehicle emissions sticker. The Crit'Air scheme requires all vehicles to show how much they pollute, on a scale of one to six. A spike in pollution in Paris on Monday ...and more »

Paris Bans All Diesel Cars Made Before 2000 - Popular Mechanics

The city of Paris has announced it is banning most cars built before the year 2000, in an effort to curb air pollution. The law, which affects diesel vehicles built between 1997 and 2000, went into effect on Monday. Paris has long struggled with the ...and more »

How Paris will ban the dirtiest diesels: color-coded stickers - Green Car Reports

Yesterday, analyses of the air in several parts of France showed it contained high levels of ultrafine particles emitted by road vehicles. Among the guiltiest culprits were older diesel vehicles with minimal emission-control systems, particularly those ...and more »

Paris introduces color-coded stickers to reduce car pollution - Automotive News (blog)

Paris is shown under a haze of smog that is partly caused by vehicle emissions. Photo credit: Reuters. Send us a Letter. Have an opinion about this story? Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor, and we may publish it in print. PARIS -- Paris ...and more »

Paris Testing New Anti-Pollution Measures - Financial Tribune

Paris will have the chance to try out its new anti-pollution traffic restrictions this week with clear skies and cold weather leading to a heavy presence of fine particles in the capital's air. Pollution hit a 10-year high in December and the alarm was ...and more »

Driving to France? If you don't have THIS new emissions sticker you could get fined £117 - The Sun

BRITISH motorists are being warned that they have until March 31st to put a vehicle emissions sticker on their car if they're driving to Paris – or risk a hefty fine. A new scheme launched in France this month means that all cars in the capital must ...and more »