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Saturn Surprises Right Up Until Cassini's End -

An alien vista stretches out before Cassini, in this false color image taken by the spacecraft's narrow angle camera on July 16th. You can just see the thin haze of the planet's upper atmosphere on the lit limb, with the rings beyond. NASA/JPL-Caltech ...and more »

Cassini Spots 'Ghostly Curtains of Light' Near Saturn's South Pole -

The Cassini spacecraft at Saturn recently observed a light show on the planet's southern hemisphere: auroras, glittering in the gaseous atmosphere. Similar to auroras on Earth, Saturn's auroras are formed by charged particles raining down on the planet ...and more »

Cassini spacecraft captures Saturn's 'ghostly curtains of light' in incredible detail as it makes its final descent ... - Daily Mail

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has captured Saturn's southern auroras, or southern lights, in the closest detail ever recorded. The natural light displays at the planet's poles are created by charged particles raining down into the upper atmosphere making ...and more »

'Ghostly Curtains of Light' Observed in Saturn's Atmosphere (VIDEO) - Sputnik International

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has beamed back images from Saturn's southern hemisphere, showing off the ringed planet's stunning atmospheric aurorae. Aurorae happen when charged particles from the sun are ejected into space by a solar storm and then ...and more »

NASA's Cassini spacecraft discover stunning auroras in Saturn's southern atmosphere [VIDEO] - International Business Times, India Edition

The glittering phenomenon is also referred to as Saturn's southern lights and is just like the ones found on Earth. By : Nupur Jha. July 31, 2017 21:26 IST. nasa, Saturn, Cassini, auroras, Grand Finale, space,. NASA's Cassini spacecraft gazed toward ...and more »

This is what an aurora looks like on Saturn - CNET

Earth doesn't have an exclusive on auroras, the scenic light shows caused by charged particles interacting with gases in the atmosphere. The Cassini spacecraft recently caught sight of Saturn's southern lights, and NASA created a movie sequence showing ...and more »