Juno mission to Jupiter - Science News

NASA's Juno spacecraft (illustrated) is currently in safe mode as it completes second orbit around Jupiter. NASA. EMail. EMail. EMail logo EMail. Print. Print. Print logo Print. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter logo Twitter. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook logo ...and more »

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Will Soon Be in Jupiter's Grip - New York Times

On July 4, 2016, NASA's Juno spacecraft arrived to study Jupiter after a trip of nearly two billion miles. By DENNIS OVERBYE, JONATHAN CORUM and JASON DRAKEFORD on Publish Date June 28, 2016. . Watch in Times Video ». embed. After traveling for ...and more »

Juno Mission Will Peer Beneath Jupiter's Clouds In July - Popular Science

In Roman mythology, the lecherous god Jupiter is said to have drawn a veil of clouds around himself to hide his, ah, transgressions. Only the goddess Juno could peer through the clouds to learn what Jupiter was up to. In the same vein, NASA's Juno ...and more »

Juno, Jupiter And The Battery Dude - Huffington Post

What's all the jubilation about? Well, for one of the last people who touched the little spaceship's battery before it left the earth in 2011, it's a time for joyous celebration. That would be Mike Surline, a guy who knows batteries. He makes, breaks ...and more »

Juno is about to peer under the clouds of Jupiter - The Conversation AU

Jupiter, as seen from my garden in Sydney. The spacecraft Juno will soon be getting a closer view. Andy Casely, CC BY-NC · Email · Twitter21; Facebook80; LinkedIn1; WhatsApp · Messenger; Print. You've all heard the Planets Suite, right? Seven classical ...and more »

Glorious, glowing Jupiter awaits Juno's arrival - Science Daily

Date: June 27, 2016; Source: Royal Astronomical Society (RAS); Summary: Stunning new images and the highest-resolution maps to date of Jupiter at thermal infrared wavelengths give a glowing view of Juno's target, a week ahead of the NASA mission's ...and more »

One-Week Countdown Begins for Juno Mission's Daring Arrival at Jupiter - Space.com

NASA's Juno probe is only one week away from its arrival at Jupiter, where it will execute a daring maneuver in order to get closer to the giant planet than any other spacecraft in history. Getting up-close and personal with Jupiter is a serious ...and more »

How The Juno Spacecraft Will Survive Jupiter's Devastating Radiation - Popular Science

Jupiter's huge magnetic field, whose layers are marked by blue lines in the illustration above, give it one of the harshest radiation environments in the solar system. Mighty Jupiter is incomprehensibly large. More massive than all the other planets ...and more »

Juno probe closes in on Jupiter after five-year journey from Earth - The Guardian

An artist's rendering of Nasa's Juno spacecraft making one of its close passes over Jupiter. Photograph: Nasa/EPA. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email; View more sharing options; Share on LinkedIn · Share on Pinterest · Share on ...and more »

NASA's Juno spacecraft prepares to probe Jupiter's mysteries - Nature.com

The mission will peek through the gas giant's swirling clouds in search of a planetary core. Alexandra Witze. 28 June 2016. Article tools. PDF · Rights & Permissions. NASA/JPL-Caltech. Jupiter's Great Red Spot also reveals a mosaic of currents that ...and more »