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Magikarp is Pokémon's most lovable punching bag - The Verge

Magikarp is the most useless of all pokémon. In the video game series, it “attacks” with splash, a move that literally does nothing. Earlier this month, the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel debuted the English version of “The Magikarp Song,” a ballad ...and more »

What is 'Magikarp Jump,' the Latest Pokemon Smartphone Obsession? - TheWrap

For those wondering what people are talking about with this weird new Pokemon fish obsession, here's a crash course. The idea of “Magikarp Jump” is to focus on one of the sadder and more maligned Pokemon creatures — the Magikarp, a big, mostly ...and more »

Magikarp Jump guide: Hints, tips and tricks on how to conquer the addictive new Pokémon game -

Magikarp Jump is the latest Pokémon game landing on smartphones around the world. Just like last year's Pokémon Go it's proving hugely popular and fiendishly addictive. Rather than have you trek around and catch 'em all, Magikarp Jump focuses on just ...and more »

Magikarp Jump review: But nothing happened - App Trigger

Magikarp Jump makes a strong first impression, but you'll quickly run out of reasons to keep Splashing along through this mobile game…if it can be called a game. Developer: The Pokemon Company Publisher: The Pokemon Company Platforms: Android ...and more »

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Review – Full of Magiheart - Gamezebo

After the release of the mega-successful Pokémon Go with partner Niantic in 2016 and digital board game Pokémon Duel earlier this year, we assumed the next game from the Pokémon Company would follow closely in these predecessors' footsteps: a who's ...and more »

'Magikarp Jump' Gyarados: How to evolve your Magikarp in the new Pokémon mobile game - Mic

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a game about becoming the very best by caring for one of the weakest Pokémon imaginable: the humble Magikarp. Although it's not explicitly stated in the game, there's a way to get Magikarp's decidedly not useless evolution, ...and more »

How to Fish and Retire Magikarp - IGN

Upon first starting Magikarp Jump, Mayor Karp will help you get your companion. In order to fish or get a new Magikarp, you'll need to completely max level your current Magikarp or get rid of it by other means. Below is a guide on how to retire and how ...and more »

Here's How To Evolve Your Magikarp Into Gyarados In The Pokémon Mobile Game 'Magikarp Jump' - Tech Times

Yes, The Pokémon Company has a new game called Magikarp Jump, starring the none-too-beloved Magikarp. Although Magikarp isn't exactly the most powerful Pokémon in the mainline games — Splash is its marquee move, in which it, well, splashes — a ...and more »

Magikarp Jump: Your Ultimate Source To Capture Some Shiny Magikarp, Is It Pokemon Go's Biggest Rival? - MobiPicker

Magikarp Jump is available on both Android and iOS devices for all the Fans who've been waiting to capture some Shiny Magikarp. The latest big event in Pokemon Go was the Rock-type event in the Adventure Week. The Legendary Pokemon inclusions to ...and more »

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump review - The most sensible silly game you'll ever play - Pocket Gamer

Oh cool a new Pokemon game on mobile! I mean, after Pokemon GO we're all waiting to see what's next for the franchise on our phones, so this is going to be something special and exciting, right? Let's have a look. Er. What? It's all about Magikarp ...and more »