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Mammoth task: billionaire Peter Thiel funded effort to resurrect woolly beast - The Guardian

An illustration of the ice age woolly mammoth. The donation was made in 2015 and detailed for the first time in a new book. Photograph: Andrew Nelmerm/Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley. PayPal billionaire and Gawker war-wager Peter Thiel has invested ...and more »

Peter Thiel Is Funding the Effort to Bring Woolly Mammoths Back to Life - MIT Technology Review

Somewhere between financing Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker and backing Donald Trump's campaign for president, iconoclast investor Peter Thiel found time to invest $100,000 in an effort to resurrect the woolly mammoth. Recommended for You. How UPS ...and more »

Billionaire Paypal founder Peter Thiel 'bankrolls woolly mammoth resurrection project' - Daily Mail

The billionaire founder of Paypal has funded an ambitious project to resurrect the woolly mammoth, reports suggest. Peter Thiel, who is worth $2.7billion (£2.1 billion), has reportedly put $100,000 (£77,000) of his own funds into a scheme that will ...and more »

Peter Thiel gave $100000 to the scientists trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth - Business Insider

Peter Thiel Fred Prouser / Reuters Woolly mammoths could be coming to a park near you sometime before 2027, thanks to funding from PayPal founder and tech luminary Peter Thiel. That's according to a new book by Ben Mezrich called "Woolly: The True ...and more »

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Project: Paypal Founder Peter Thiel Funds Effort To Bring Back Extinct Ice Age Animal - Tech Times

Paypal founder Peter Thiel is participating in an effort that could get the now extinct woolly mammoth to walk back on Earth by 2027, according to a new book titled "Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive one of History's Most Iconic Extinct ...and more »

The race to revive woolly mammoths using ancient DNA - CBS News

Like "Jurassic Park," what if you could use the science of DNA to resurrect long-extinct creatures that once roamed the earth? Efforts to do that are actually underway. Led by Dr. George Church – "the Einstein of our times," according to author Ben ...and more »

New book: Will the woolly mammoth roam the Earth again? - USA TODAY

Just as the gap between reality and satire has narrowed recently, scientists are hard at work trying to eclipse science fiction. Step aside Jurassic Park, make way for the new and improved woolly mammoth, vast herds of which will roam the Arctic tundra ...and more »

PayPal Founder Invests $100000 To Bring Back The Woolly Mammoth - Newsy

The woolly mammoth has been extinct for over 4,000 years — but some scientists think they can bring it back. ShareTweetEmail · SMS. Flash plugin failed to load. Share Video. ...and more »

Resurrecting the woolly mammoth - The Boston Globe

“I was obsessed with 'Jurassic Park' growing up,” said Ben Mezrich. “Ever since I was young, my goal in life was to be Michael Crichton.” So when Mezrich first heard about an international effort to bring back the woolly mammoth, a long-extinct ...and more »

Woolly mammoth yarn reveals Peter Thiel aid - Radio New Zealand

US entrepreneur and New Zealand citizen Peter Thiel reportedly donated $100,000 in 2015 to try to create a woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid. Photo: AFP / Supplied. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review has reported Mr Thiel donated $US100,000 ...and more »