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Man dies after ignoring advice to wait two weeks before swimming with new tattoo -

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. The man developed a serious infection on his skin and suffered septic shock, which led to his death. Share; 2Comments. By. Danya BazaraaNews Reporter. 19:26, 31 MAY 2017; Updated 23:29, 31 MAY 2017. Lifestyle. Share; 2Comments ...and more »

Dangers of swimming with a new tattoo exposed in alarming images of man who died from infection - The Independent

The dangers of swimming with a new tattoo have been demonstrated in a series of alarming images. Tattoo artists generally advise not entering the sea or freshwater until two weeks after ink has been applied. But in a worst-case-scenario, a 31-year-old ...and more »

Man with new tattoo ignores advice not to swim and dies from flesh-eating bacteria after ocean dip - Metro

A man who ignored advice to wait two weeks before swimming with a new tattoo has died after being infected by a flash-eating bacteria. The 31-year-old swam in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after getting the religious tattoo. He developed sepsis in ...and more »

Why you really shouldn't go swimming with a new tattoo: Man ignores advice to wait for 2 weeks and DIES after ... - Daily Mail

A Hispanic man died after developing sepsis when his fresh tattoo wound became infected from swimming in the sea. The unidentified 31-year-old ignored advice given to those with new inkings that they should wait for two weeks before venturing into ...and more »

Guy Dies After Going Swimming With A New Tattoo - AskMen

Shortly after getting a new tattoo, some guy went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and ended up earning himself a serious infection. Two months later, he was dead. Long Story. Everyone and your mom is tatted up these days. I personally got my first ...and more »

This Man's Death Proves Why You Should Never Go Swimming With a New Tattoo​ - Men's Health

Five days after getting a new tattoo on his right calf, a 31-year-old man went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Two days later, he developed a fever and chills, and swelling began to spread over the tattoo site, as well as throughout both his legs ...and more »

Man with new tattoo dies from septic shock after ignoring advice to wait two weeks before swimming - The Sun

A MAN who ignored advice not to go swimming after getting anew tattoo has died after catching a flesh-eating bug and developing sepsis. The 31-year-old had a crucifix and a pair of hands praying inked on his right calf shortly before his tragic death ...and more »

The Scary Reason Why You Should Never Go In The Ocean After Getting A Tattoo - Refinery29

Anyone who's ever said that tattoos are best left to sailors and punks has clearly never known what it's like to take care of fresh ink. Once the tattoo gun has been put away, what you're left with is essentially an open wound that requires weeks ...and more »

Man dies after ignoring new tattoo advice, catches infection from ocean - Local 10

A man who had just received a new tattoo died days later after ignoring advice to avoid swimming in the ocean for at least two weeks. The unidentified 31-year-old man developed sepsis when his 5-day-old tattoo became infected while swimming in the Gulf ...and more »

Freshly-Tattooed Man Dies After Swimming In The Ocean (Photos) - Opposing Views

A man died after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico because his fresh tattoo wound became infected with sepsis. Those with fresh tattoos are advised to avoid swimming in pools or oceans for at least two weeks as the tattooed area is still considered to be ...and more »