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Feed a cold, starve a fever? Not so fast, according to research - Medical Xpress

The last time you had a stomach bug, you probably didn't feel much like eating. This loss of appetite is part of your body's normal response to an illness but is not well understood. Sometimes eating less during illness promotes a faster recovery, but ...and more »

Salmonella encourage appetite to promote spread, Salk Institute study finds - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Salmonella bacteria spread more effectively by keeping hosts healthier, according to new research from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The study could lead to new ways to increase appetite in sick patients or stop excess eating, said Janelle ...and more »

Microbe that causes food poisoning exerts a sort of mind control over mice - Science Magazine

When we have food poisoning, the last thing we want to do is eat. But in mice, a microbe that causes this ailment actually increases appetite, a new study reveals. Researchers say they might be able to use the same trick to increase eating in cancer ...and more »

Why salmonella doesn't want you to poop out - Science News (blog)

Salmonella bacteria don't want your body to starve on their account. The microbes' motives, though, are (probably) purely poop-related. The body sometimes sacrifices appetite to fight off infection: Less energy for the host also means less energy for ...and more »

New Insight Describes Connection between Salmonella Infection and Appetite Loss - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

The old “feed a cold, starve a fever” saying has been reexamined countless times, but always from the host's point of view. Isn't it time to ask what the pathogen thinks? That's the question that occurred to a team of Salk Institute scientists. These ...and more »

Feed A Cold, And Starve A Fever? Why Eating More Could Help You Heal Faster When Sick - Medical Daily

Typically, food is the last thing on your mind when you're sick; nausea, sore throats and a general lack of appetite can make eating uncomfortable. A new study, however, shows that feeding your illness can actually speed up recovery. Researchers at the ...and more »

Bacteria May Be Altering Your Brain To Suppress Your Appetite When You're Sick - IFLScience

Many of our body's responses to food poisoning and infection are there to help us fight them. Becoming lethargic, for example, may save energy that can then be used by the immune system to attack the pathogen. But another of the common responses is a ...and more »

Why you should NOT feed a cold and starve a fever: Experts warn old-age tactic could make everything WORSE - Daily Mail

Old age wisdom claims that you should not eat when you have a fever; But eating fewer calories can actually make fighting off infection much harder; Eating to fight off sickness will prevent bacteria from spreading to other organs; Bacteria needs to ...and more »

Old wives' tales are cold comfort for 'snuffles' -

Research suggests the best way to beat a fever is to eat. Top doctors have discovered that taking in food rather than fasting could be a quicker way to beat the stomach bugs that cause fevers. The research goes against the traditional old wives' tale ...and more »

'Feed a cold, starve a fever' ISN'T right after all as boffins find eating more helps both - The Sun

THE age-old advice to feed a cold and starve a fever may be wrong. Medical experts have now found that we should try to eat more in both instances after research last year suggested the advice was correct. This is a common time of year for us to suffer ...and more »