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Xbox chief: we need to create a Netflix of video games - The Guardian

Something big has happened to the video game industry over the last five years – you may have noticed. All the old rules about consoles – the fact that they enjoyed five-to-eight-year life cycles, the fact that games “just worked” out of the box – they ...and more »

Xbox chief envisions a Netflix model for narrative games - Engadget

Microsoft has just tipped its hand for what the company will show off at E3 in June. In a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian, Xbox chief Phil Spencer laid out his plans for the future of Xbox software. Since (mostly) fixing a majority of the ...and more »

How to fix a black screen of death on Xbox One - Windows Report

There seems to be a widespread black screen glitch plaguing the Xbox One right now affecting how the dashboard loads from the web, causing some sections to appear blank. If you're one of the users experiencing the black screen of death on Xbox One, ...and more »

Spencer Promises Upped Investment in Microsoft's First Party Games - Wccftech

During an interview published by The Guardian, Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer talked about a variety of topics ranging from episodic games to downloadable content. However, the most interesting tidbit may well be the statement confirming how ...and more »

Microsoft Explains Why It's Not Making Xbox Games Like 'Breath of the Wild' Or 'Horizon Zero Dawn' - Forbes

As we head into fall when Xbox Scorpio arrives to try and blow everyone away with its horsepower, Microsoft is also doing some thinking about how we as players consume games, and how that might need to change. The Guardian has a pretty lengthy, ...and more »

Do we need a Netflix for video games? Xbox chief calls for new subscription-based gaming model -

Netflix has transformed the way we watch TV, allowing subscribers to watch as many programmes as they want from its vast catalogue for a fixed monthly fee. Now Xbox chief Phil Spencer says that the gaming industry needs to replicate the Netflix model, ...and more »

'Story Based Games Don't Have The Same Impact They Used To Have,' Says Phil Spencer - GamingBolt

Phil Spencer may have raised everyone's hopes when he promised more first party games for Xbox, but you should expect more multiplayer focused, games as a service style titles, if anything else. Clarifying his position on this matter in an interview ...and more »

Spencer: Titles like Zelda & Horizon ZD Are Doing Well But “Don't Have the Same Impact” As Before - Wccftech

According to Microsoft's head of Xbox, games like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn are still selling well, but they don't have the impact as they used to have. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Spencer talked about the modern ...and more »

The Xbox Game Pass will be morphed into a Netflix of story-driven games - Windows Report

A couple of months ago, Xbox Insiders tested a preview of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service that allows Xbox One gamers to access a catalog of more than 100 Xbox games for $9.99 per month. The service was released in spring and ...and more »

Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Game Pass Could Benefit One Particular Type Of Game - Cinema Blend

The upcoming Xbox Game Pass is potentially going to drastically change the digital landscape of how people consume Xbox games on Microsoft's home consoles. In particular, though, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer thinks that a certain kind of game genre ...and more »