Microsoft Patent Puts HoloLens on Hunt for Lost Wallets, Keys - eWeek

A new Microsoft patent suggests that HoloLens may soon help users suffering from bouts of absent-mindedness when they lose their wallets or phones. Few things are as frustrating as trying to find a misplaced phone, car keys or wallet before heading out ...and more »

Microsoft Patent Hints At A Future Where HoloLens Users Can Track Objects Via AR Technology - Tech Times

A patent application reveals Microsoft's plan to address the current limitations of its HoloLens headgear. The proposed methods could give rise to futuristic technologies such as an eye-tracking platform and a feature that could bring Star Trek's ...and more »

Microsoft Sees A Future Where Augmented Reality Can Find Lost Keys - Ubergizmo

microsoft-ar-patent We're sure we've all been in that situation where you search high and low for something, like your watch, keys, wallet, or glasses, only to realize after an exhaustive and frustrating search that they were right in front of you, and ...and more »

Microsoft HoloLens could help you find your keys, and also stalk your every move - The Verge

You know the trope in Sherlock-esque detective shows where some brilliant sleuth cracks a case by drawing on their nigh-photographic memory? Well, one of the most fascinating and terrifying things about augmented reality glasses is that they turn ...and more »

Microsoft invents 'Hololens' glasses that can find missing items and remind you to buy milk when the fridge is empty -

VIRTUAL and augmented reality headsets will soon be as thin as your everyday spectacles. And when that day comes, Microsoft is primed to end that loathsome human trait — forgetfulness. Several years ago it patented the marvellous tech for “object ...and more »

Microsoft thinks AR could help you find your lost keys - Engadget

You may think RFID tags are a pretty decent way to track your property, but Microsoft is trying to patent a much higher-tech system. A Hololens-like augmented reality device would scan your surroundings and keep tabs on objects like keys, wallets or ...and more »

Will Microsoft's next HoloLens be able to tell where you're looking? Patent suggests the firm could be working on ... - Daily Mail

The ability to browse a website without needing to as much as move your hand could soon be a possibility with Microsoft's next HoloLens device. Microsoft has filed a patent for new eye-tracking technology for head-mounted displays (HMDs). The ...and more »

Microsoft's HoloLens is going to stalk your every move, new patent filing shows - Morning Ticker

A new patent filed by Microsoft for its HoloLens shows that it will be way more than a virtual reality device. A new patent filing by Microsoft shows that it intends to make the HoloLens your personal stalker, but in a good way, hopefully. The HoloLens ...and more »

New HoloLens patent means you'll never look for your keys again - The Daily Dot

The latest patent application from Microsoft shows plans to make HoloLens augmented reality smart glasses the solution to keeping track of your possessions. The patent filing, published on Thursday, details how Microsoft wants to use HoloLens for ...and more »

Microsoft HoloLens could help you find your lost keys - TechShout!

Microsoft's been dabbling around in AR through projects like its HoloLens goggles for quite a while now. A new patent filing now sheds some light on its futuristic plans for the technology. Microsoft's patent for Object Tracking imagines a world where ...and more »