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A College Student Sent Her Crush An Impressive PowerPoint On Why He Should Date Her - GOOD Magazine

Sure, attraction is normally a fickle, subjective phenomenon that is often impervious to stone cold logic and analysis. But that doesn't mean a girl shouldn't try, does it? Lizzy Fenton thought it was worth a shot, especially considering, as you'll see ...and more »

Woman makes spectacular PowerPoint presentation persuading man to date her -

It's hard, isn't it, navigating the world of dating. Especially now a lot of it is done online. One young woman decided that dating apps weren't for her. Instead, she reverted to a more old-school piece of tech: PowerPoint. Lizzy Fenton, who's studying ...and more »

Woman sends her crush a persuasive PowerPoint presentation outlining why he should date her - Evening Standard

In the age of internet dating, how do you get your crush to notice you? One student from America has devised a novel way to bag the date of your dreams - by putting together a detailed PowerPoint presentation bullet pointing exactly why you're perfect ...and more »

Student Lizzy Fenton Creates Hilarious Slideshow Explaining Why Crush Should Date Her - Huffington Post UK

A student who created a hilarious PowerPoint presentation explaining why her crush should date her has gone viral. Lizzy Fenton, who studies at the University of Minnesota, created a slideshow titled 'Why You Should Date Me' in the hopes of convincing ...and more »

Student makes PowerPoint for crush to show just how dateable she really is - New York Post

A student has created a detailed PowerPoint presentation about why her crush should date her. Lizzy Fenton's seriously compelling slideshow is aimed at persuading Carter Blochwitz to take her out. In the illustrated presentation, called “Why You Should ...and more »

A Girl Made A Powerpoint Presentation To Convince Her Crush To Date Her - AskMen

A university student made an in-depth Powerpoint presentation detailing why her crush ought to date her. Sadly, he wasn't having any of it. Long Story. In today's dating world, you're going to have to get creative. Every Joe Schmo has awesome Tinder ...and more »

Minnesota College Student Woos Her Crush with Hilarious PowerPoint: 'My Boobs Exhibit Steady Growth Over Time' -

Fenton, a 19-year-old University of Minnesota student, decided to woo her crush Carter the best way she knew how — through a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. “I wanted to win Carter over with sardonic wit, so I chose PowerPoint as my artistic medium ...and more »

Woman sends detailed PowerPoint proposal to crush to convince him to date her - 9Honey

Invite them to meet you at the bow of whatever cruise ship you happen to be on? Well, if you're Lizzy Fenton, you prepare a slideshow convincing your dreamboat that you're a keeper. She put together a sleek, punchy pitch to win over the man of her ...and more »

Woman emails her crush a very funny - and persuasive - PowerPoint - New Zealand Herald

A University of Minnesota student drew up a very detailed, well-reasoned PowerPoint presentation to send to her crush, explaining in six illustrated slides exactly why he should date her, according to the Daily Mail. Lizzy Fenton, who is studying ...and more »

Brilliant Student Creates PowerPoint Presentation On Why Her Crush Should Date Her - Bravo (blog)

A brilliant student has created a PowerPoint presentation aimed at her crush, detailing why he should date her. Awww. Bethenny Frankel Talks Marriage, Celeb Crushes. See More Bethenny Frankel Talks Marriage, Celeb Crushes. Lizzy Fenton, an adorable ...and more »