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Moon Express raises $20M in Series B-1, fully funds trip to the Moon - TechCrunch

Moon Express, a company competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize, has raised $20 million in a Series B-1 round and announced that they've now fully financed their maiden mission to the moon. With the latest round of funding, Moon Express has raised over ...and more »

Moon Express reportedly has the money for moonshot – but launch is up in the air - GeekWire

Moon Express selfie. An artist's conception shows Moon Express' lander extending its robotic arm to take a “selfie” of the spacecraft on the lunar surface with Earth in the background. (Credit: Moon Express). An executive at Moon Express has been ...and more »

Moon Express fully funded for Google Lunar X Prize bid - SpaceNews

WASHINGTON — Moon Express announced Jan. 13 that it has closed a $20 million financing round, giving the company sufficient funds for an attempt to win the Google Lunar X Prize later this year. The new investment, which the company calls a Series B-1 ...and more »

The company that wants to mine the Moon has enough money for its first trip there - The Verge

Moon Express — the California-based company with hopes of mining the Moon someday — has received full funding for its first trip to the lunar surface, slated for later this year. The company just raised $20 million in its most recent round of ...and more »

To the Moon! Private Team Fully Funded for Google Lunar X Prize Race -

One of the teams vying to win a $30 million race to the moon has locked up all the funding needed for its lunar mission, team members said. Moon Express — one of five teams still competing for the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) — has secured $20 million ...and more »

Moon Express has raised enough money for its first mission -

Moon Express, the first private company in history to receive permission to travel to the Moon, has successfully raised enough funds to finance its first mission. The California-based startup has raised a total of $45 million in private investment and ...and more »

Moon mining company to bring 'precious resources' back to Earth after funding secured - The Independent

A company hoping to extract the Moon's natural resources has just completed a $20 million financing round. Moon Express, which is based in Silicon Valley, has received a total of $45 million (£37 million) in funding for its efforts a lunar lander. The ...and more »

Private company says it is fully funded for mission to the Moon - Ars Technica

Any organization wishing to accomplish a major spaceflight goal must address two basic sets of problems—rocket science and political science. And while the technical challenges of spaceflight are considerable, it's arguable that political science ...and more »

Moon-mining company wins funding to start extracting natural resources from the lunar surface -

A company has been awarded £37 million in funding to build a lunar lander that will harvest the moon for its natural resources . Florida-based Moon Express is competing to win the Google Lunar XPrize, which awards £25 million to anyone who can land a ...and more »

Moon Express closes funding for private moon shot - Florida Today

Cape Canaveral-based Moon Express on Friday announced it has secured $20 million in new investment that ensures the company can attempt to launch a small robotic lander to the moon as soon as the end of this year. “We now have all the resources in ...and more »