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New Pokemon Sun and Moon features announced today - VG247

Along with new Pokemon, three new characters in the story, a brand-new feature called the Poke Finder and Ultra Beasts, differences between Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were announced. In previous games, players could discover only certain Pokemon in ...and more »

Sun and Moon's newest Pokémon include a powerful hybrid created by science - TechCrunch

What hath science wrought: First it created the brooding Mewtwo, whose tale of experimentation and weaponization is the dramatic underpinning for the original Pokémon movie; now, it's responsible for Type: Null, a new synthetic Pokémon from the ...and more »

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon' Demo Gets Rated In Korea - Will It Be Coming Worldwide? - Tech Times

Pokémon Sun and Moon might be coming out in November, but if recent developments are any indication, it's possible that fans will be able to play the game ahead of time. The Korean Ratings Board has given the "special trial," or demo, version of the ...and more »

New Characters And Ultra Beasts Announced For 'Pokémon Sun And Moon' - Forbes

Ollie Barder , Contributor I cover gaming in Japan as well the pop-culture here. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. New Aether Foundation characters from left to right: Lusamine, Faba, Wicke and employees (Photo credit: Nintendo ...and more »

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a Pokémon Snap-style photo feature -

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a photo mode similar to much-loved N64 game Pokémon Snap. The upcoming 3DS games let you enter first person view in certain places and snap a shot of nearby Pokémon - and you're judged on the quality of your photo. It looks ...and more »

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon's Aether Foundation and mysterious Ultra Beasts revealed in the newest trailer - Pocket Gamer

It's only been a couple of weeks since The Pokemon Company released their previous Sun and Moon video, and this one is no less exciting. With a lot of information to get through in just under three minutes, we're introduced to a couple more Pokemon ...and more »

Nintendo's been hiding a secret about Pokémon's Snorlax for 20 years 【Video】 - RocketNews24

Clever Pokédex Easter egg finally pays off as sleepy Pocket Monster's true power is revealed for first time in Pokémon Sun and Moon. We recently found out that Sega has been putting a hidden message on its arcade bags since 2014. That's not the only ...and more »

Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals Pokemon Snap throwback - SlashGear

We have yet another Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer today, unveiling even more details about the upcoming pair of games. Like most of the trailers that have come before, this trailer is revealing a handful of new Pokemon, while at the same time giving us ...and more »

POKÉMON SUN and MOON Trailer Reveals a New Pokémon That Might Not Even Be a Pokémon - Nerdist

A pair of new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers (one English, one Japanese) were released yesterday, and with them comes a bevy of new information about the games, including the reveal of a new Pokémon… that might not even be a Pokémon. In the game's lore ...and more »

Pokemon Sun and Moon Adding Pokemon Snap Type Feature - Game Rant

Pokemon Snap might not be getting a remaster any time soon, but Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be able to recreate the classic experience using the new Poke Finder feature. Today has been host to a huge amount of new information for the upcoming ...and more »