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NASA Slams New Conspiracy Theory, No Kidnapped Children on Mars - Nature World News

The race to be the very first nation to put man in Mars is joined by many countries and private organization. However, a conspiracy theory claims that there are already humans in the Red Planet and it is not scientists or astronauts as one expects ...and more »

No, NASA is not hiding kidnapped children on Mars - Washington Post

The situation for human beings on Mars is dire, and not just because the red planet's atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and the average temperature is -81 degrees. There's also the issue of the child-trafficking ring operating in secret on the planet ...and more »

NASA Denies That It's Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars - Daily Beast

On Thursday, Alex Jones welcomed a guest to talk about how kidnapped children have been sent on a two-decade mission to space. NASA now denies the interplanetary conspiracy. Ben Collins. 06.29.17 7:40 PM ET. Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The ...and more »

NASA Politely Clarifies It Is Not Running A Child Slave Colony On Mars - HuffPost

Three months ago, the conspiracy theory-loving radio show host apologized for spreading fake news about a child sex ring at a Washington, D.C., pizzeria after an armed man stormed the place looking for victims. Now Jones is helping promote an even more ...and more »

PSA: NASA is not running a child slave colony on Mars - SlashGear

This week a NASA representative was asked whether they were running a child slave colony on Mars. That anyone would believe such a thing is just about as insane as a conspiracy theory gets. Kind of like believing there's a child slave ring being ...and more »

Shock: NASA denies secret child sex slave cannibal colony on Mars - The Register

NASA has not enslaved a colony of children on Mars nor is it using them for vile orgies on the Red Planet nor feasting on them to harvest their precious bone marrow, officials have told The Register. We had our doubts, too. Asking the US space agency's ...and more »

Alex Jones Has a Perfectly Normal Chat About All the Slave Children Who Are Sent to Mars - Gizmodo

You might know Alex Jones as the guy who peddles conspiracy theories about politics and pizza. Or you might know him as the guy who was successfully sued by yogurt. But it's easy to forget that he also believes some rather interesting things about NASA ...and more »

Nasa releases image of 'Niagara Falls of lava' on Mars - The Independent

Nasa has released stunning photos of something like "Niagara falls" on Mars – except even more stunning than the one on Earth. The flows are made of flowing molten lava that once moved over the Red Planet's surface, and have been pictured in stunning ...and more »

NASA Responds to InfoWars Claim: We Don't Have Child Sex Slaves on Mars - TheWrap

For the second time this week, NASA has had to shut down ridiculous claims about the organization. “There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren't. There are. But there are no ...and more »

NASA shuts down the conspiracy theory that child slaves live on Mars - Mic

A NASA official is debunking absurd claims that scientists have created a space colony made of child sex slaves on Mars. The claims were made on a show hosted by InfoWars' Alex Jones, a man who profits from creating viral fake news. Jones invited a ...and more »