NASA planning 'suspended animation' cryosleep chamber that lets astronauts hibernate whilst travelling to distant worlds -

NASA is planning to plough up to $500,000 dollars into a scheme to develop a hibernation chamber which will put humans to sleep for up to 14 days. The space agency is funding the creation of a pioneering "cryosleep" system as part of its Innovative ...and more »

NASA Invests In Suspended Animation, Growable Space Habitats, And More - Popular Science

NASA wants to put humans on Mars in the 2030s, and it's probably going to take some crazy ideas to get us there. Toward that end, the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program has just announced a second round of funding for 8 crazy, ...and more »

SpaceX and NASA to Launch Unmanned 'Red Dragon' Mars Mission in 2018 - Nature World News

SpaceX and NASA are developing the Red Dragon spacecraft which will be launched in an unmanned landing on Mars in 2018. (Photo : Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images). The successful re-entry mission of SpaceX Dragon spacecraft earned praises from ...and more »

NASA Invests In Futuristic Plans Such As Cryogenic Sleep Chambers, 'Magnetoshells' And More - Tech Times

Space nerds, rejoice: NASA has given the green light to eight unbelievably futuristic proposals as part of its NIAC project. We've listed down four of these revolutionary ideas. ( SpaceWorks | NASA ). Advertisement. Space nerds, rejoice: NASA has ...and more »

NASA Funds Interstellar Flight System, 7 Other Wild Space Tech Ideas -

Eight studies have received funding under Phase 2 of the NASA innovative Advanced Concepts program, including a proposal to blast tiny spacecraft to other star systems using powerful lasers. Credit: NASA. NASA has funded eight advanced-technology ...and more »

UCF lands NASA grant to study mental wellness on deep space missions - Orlando Business Journal (blog)

NASA awarded two University of Central Florida professors $900,000 to study cognitive issues such as memory and attention in astronauts on lengthy space assignments. Stephen Fiore and Shawn Burke's project is one of 27 selected from 18 institutions ...and more »

NASA picks eight innovative tech projects to fund for future - Christian Science Monitor

The national space agency announced eight finalists who will receive funding through its Innovative Advanced Concepts program to further develop their future technology proposals. By Ben Thompson, Staff May 16, 2016. Save for later Saved. close.and more »

MSNW's magnetoshell aerobraking system gets in on NASA's way-out research fund - GeekWire

Magnetoshell aerocapture for NASA MSNW's magnetoshell aerocapture concept could help ease spaceships into orbit. (Credit: MSNW). A system that would use magnetic fields to ease a spacecraft into orbit after an interplanetary journey has won a ...and more »

Know the eight technologies NASA is investing in -

NASA has selected eight technology proposals for investment, including interplanetary habitats that can induce deep sleep for astronauts on long-duration missions, and growable habitats that can be robotically assembled in space. The selected proposals ...and more »

Congress is Working Hard to Ground NASA's Mars Mission - Fortune

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in space exploration, in large part thanks to the idea of going to Mars. But a damning new report by Ars Technica reveals that legislators who don't share that excitement have been working to defund NASA ...and more »