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Shocking pictures show neglected cat belonging to Alzheimer's sufferer -

SHOCKING pictures show an Alzheimer's sufferer's neglected cat whose fur was so matted, it turned into dreadlocks. Mark Hodge. The SunDecember 23, 20164:06am. Hidey's fur was so matted, it turned into dreadlocks. Picture: Facebook/Animal Rescue League ...and more »

Cat With 'Dreadlocks' Loses 2 Pounds Of Fur - The Dodo

Everyone can relate to having a bad hair day. A cat named Hidey knows all about it. Hidey's bad hair day probably lasted for years. When people found her, she had 2 pounds of matted fur on her back - about the weight of a pineapple or a small bag of ...and more »

Shocking pictures show neglected cat belonging to Alzheimer's sufferer that had fur so matted it had dreadlocks - The Sun

Shocking pictures show a neglected cat whose fur was so matted she developed DREADLOCKS. An animal charity in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, posted the images online and revealed the feline had belonged to an elderly Alzheimer's sufferer. The 14-year-old ...and more »

Cat That Shed 2 Lbs. of Matted Fur Is Adjusting Well to New Hair and Home -

Paul Russell says it was like a scene out of the movie Alien. When he went to check in on the cat of a distant 82-year-old relative who recently moved into a nursing home, he had no idea there was a second animal living under the same roof — “animal ...and more »

Neglected Cat Freed From Pounds of Matted Fur After Rescue - Gizmodo

A Pittsburgh man discovered a neglected cat with two pounds of matted fur when he paid a visit to his 82-year-old relative last week. The man brought the poor creature—who he named Hidey because she like to hide—to the Animal Rescue League Shelter ...and more »

Cat neglected for years found covered in matted fur 'dreadlocks' - Evening Standard

Shocking pictures have emerged of a cat which was neglected for so long that matted fur “dreadlocks” formed on her body. Stunned animal rescue workers said Hidey, a calico cat, had been forgotten for “years” before she was brought in to a centre in ...and more »

Cat who was abandoned for years by her Alzheimer's-suffering owner is found covered matted in fur 'dreadlocks' - Daily Mail

Paul Russel's 82-year-old distant relative with Alzheimer's relocated to a nursing home - leaving his cat behind; Russel checked on the man's cats and discovered Hidey had severely matted fur that resembled dreadlocks; The overweight cat struggled to ...and more »

Rescued cat with dreadlocks loses 2 pounds of matted fur - Mashable

A cat with an absurd amount of matted hair is getting a second chance after a long overdue haircut. The Western PA Humane Society shared heartbreaking photos of the cat, named Hidey, after she arrived at the facility last week. This Facebook post is no ...and more »

A neglected cat covered in a kilogram of matted fur was rescued with a much-needed haircut - Metro

When Hidey the cat was found, she was covered in almost a kilogram of matted fur. How to talk to a woman you don't know. She'd been neglected after her owner, an elderly man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, developed Alzheimer's. When her owner was moved ...and more »

Cat with dreadlocks gets a makeover - Mother Nature Network (blog)

No, this is not a photoshopped image. This is a cat with so much matted hair, she looks like she is wearing dreadlocks. How does such a thing happen? Hidey — who got her name because she frequently hid from her elderly owner — apparently hid one too ...and more »